Words From A Member: Anshul Gupta (RazrCorp)

RazrCorp has joined the Silicon Luxembourg Founders Club. Founder & Director Transformation Anshul Gupta tells us more about the company.

A few words about me.

I specialise in building & scaling digital products in different geographies. My career begin with Zee Enterprises- South Asia’s biggest media house. In my career of 15 years, I have launched numerous digital brands in consumer space of news, music & entertainment  space working for my ex-company.

I started RazrCorp in 2016 here in Luxembourg with a passion to build consumer driven web and mobile products. Since then, we have launched our inhouse products Xuppi a social commerce platform, Entertainrr – a ticketing platform catering to events like Arch Summit and ICT Spring amongst a few and built numerous products for clients like Vodafone, Farvest, EY, Arcelor Mittal and some very well known startups here.

We grew from 2 people to a team of over 81 now spread across Luxembourg, UK and India.

What are the main pillars of your company?

As a company, I believe our people and our ability to adapt and survive is the greatest strength we have. Clients love us as we are no nonsense and cut straight to the tech and make them aware in-depth about what their tech consists of. We focus on long term relationships, All the clients we work with in the Benelux region have been with us for the last 5 years.

Why did you want to join the Founders Club?

I joined the first Founders Club edition before covid when Charles had just launched it and very glad it’s taken off really well, it’s a great initiative to meet like minded fellow entrepreneurs in different stages of the journey.

What are the predictions of your industry? 

The consumer IT industry is growing & adapting new tech as trends & consumer behavior change extremely fast. Brands are keen to launch mobile first products to reach out to this audience. Also, we see a trend of clients wanting to stay in touch with the GEN-Z customers via building cool, interactive products. Overall, the demand for new ideas turning into digital products has been high over the last 2 years.

Editor’s note: If you are interested in joining the Founders Club, you can find more information on our Memberships page. Contact our team today to join the network.

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