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Linc recently joined the Silicon Luxembourg Business Club. Get to know the company and its new IT department, Linc Technology Partner.
(Featured Image: Brice Bortolet (Sales Consultant), David Hubert (Sales Manager), Marc Neuen (Founder & CEO) and Julien Gras (Head of Technology Partner) / Image Credit © Linc)
What is your startup/company about?

In 2017, Linc SA, a leading Luxembourg Internet group, opened its experienced IT department to assist companies in their ambitious IT projects. This is the way Linc Technology Partner has been created.

How did you come up with the idea?

The idea of proposing innovative solutions came out of LINC SA’s startup ecosystem and the development of new technologies, backed by our customer base and their interests in such products.

The exponential increase of the demand for IT projects in Luxembourg naturally lead to investments in this project. We deemed it fit to take our independence in order to make our expertise available to customer requests, in what we saw as the best way possible. We continue to hope it will.

“Today, we have 18 clients ranging from startup companies like Vireo and Sympass to established companies such as BIL, Banque de Luxembourg, or international firms like Deloitte.”

What are your products/services?

Technology Partner supports companies in the development of their IT projects through a team of passionate developers and architects.

Depending on the needs, we can provide a full range of services, primarily focusing on:

  • Developing innovative IT projects.

  • In-house missions, where our seasoned consultants can help your existing IT team to fulfill their mission and meet their targets.

  • Challenging your initial business case and request to web and software development over project management Technology Partner is also an active actor in the Lux-Innovation state program “Fit4Digital”, since September 2018.

What is your business model?

Our business model is based on our two main activities.

First, our view is that our client should work inside our team and have a say in all discussions. We want help him from the beginning to the end with his project, including by challenging ideas and providing insightful advices along the way up to the complete development of our customer’s project.

Our second activity is providing IT consulting services. We respond to needs on external projects, using the strong understanding of our developer’s interests and motivation, gained over the work and time they spend internally. We believe that help us to select the developer of our team that will be the best fit. We also believe this makes for a more comfortable working experience, enables our members to invest themselves in their work more and builds a stronger proposal capability for Technology partner.

Who are your clients?

Our customers are all companies with IT needs regardless of size, activities and projects. The IT development market is always growing and changing which is why we must focus on understanding it and becoming aware of all the needs of potential future customers.

Today, we have 18 clients ranging from startup companies like Vireo and Sympass to established companies such as BIL, Banque de Luxembourg, or international firms like Deloitte.

“We were not looking for a service provider but rather for a real partner, to support us in the development of Vireo. This is what we found, and felt, from the first meeting with Linc Technology Partner: a feeling of simplicity, trust, professionalism and most importantly: their great human side.” – Jonathan Marroyen, Founder & CEO of Vireo.

What are the next steps in your development?

We hope to widen our team to answer customers’ requests. Also, we wish to disrupt the market to bring a new operating way while being an active player on the innovative project development market in Luxembourg.

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