Working Life Is Redesigned By Everyday Actions

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The working methods are changing throughout industries. After almost two years of remote and hybrid work, online meetings, and working from one’s own sofa, it is easy to think that this is all the future of work holds.

In reality, the changes delivered to us by the global pandemic are only the tip of the iceberg. According to Aku Varamäki, an author of a book ‘Futureproof: Tulevaisuuden työkirja’, it is estimated that a whopping 85% of the jobs of 2030 do not yet exist. In other words, the chances are that in less than ten years, most of us are working on a job we did not know would ever exist. 

This need for change is accelerated by the change needed by the environment. The current state of our planet sets more pressure for the companies to innovate as the planet needs a reduction in consumption of its resources while the economy needs to keep the business and alongside with it, the society, running. To achieve all of this, it is crucial to find new, better ways to work.

Work design maximes the potential

Work design is described being the specification of the contents, methods, and relationships of jobs in or-der to satisfy technological and organizational requirements as well as the social and personal requirements of the job holder or as the functions of arranging tasks, duties and responsi-bilities to an organizational unit of work.

It is often connected with maximizing the organization’s potential and increasing the use of technology. However, despite the term’s close connection to tech, it is important to bear in mind that social aspects, environmental causes included, are a part of work design. 

While maximizing the potential can be thought to refer strictly to short-term financial wins, it is crucial to remember that taking a look further into the future, the businesses adapting to the ever growing changes required by the environment will be the financially successful companies in the future, while the ones sticking to the old habits and ways of doing work will surely be overthrown.

Redesigning work happens through every day actions

An important notion to pay attention to is that the future of work does not happen by itself, but through daily design. All the actions taken are reforming the future. People often think that the work is designed in the corner offices by high-level executives, or that the only ways to design work are to write it down in the strategy. In reality, work is designed through every action individual people take every single day, whether they know they are redesigning the working life or not.

To be able to achieve the desired future where business keeps running while the limited resources of the planet are used wisely and people are treated equally, more discussion about the desired future is required. As with everything else, the understanding, in this case about the desired future, defines the actions taken.

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