Xamarin Alliance: A Multi Challenge Experience For Developers To Build Their First Connected Xamarin Application

Are you a developer looking to take your skills to the next level and learn something new? Xamarin Alliance is here to help you. A set of challenges that will help you build your first Connected Mobile Application.
What is a Connected Mobile Application?

Typical applications are developed for a single platform with a single use case in mind. However, we want to help you to take your application and your development skills to the next level. Using Xamarin you can create for iOS, Android and Windows all within a single code base. Then connecting it to Azure, you can leverage cool features like push notifications, offline sync and user authentication.

The Challenges

Each challenge will address a specific scenario in creating a Connected Mobile Application. For example:

– Setting up Xamarin within your IDE
– Creating an application
– Connecting the application to Azure services
– Making the application engaging

Every 2 weeks we will release a new challenge for you to tackle!

To be able to take part in the Xamarin Alliance you should have a good understanding of developing in C#, have Visual Studio 2017 for PC or Mac installed, and Xamarin for Visual Studio all of which are available for free!

Why take part?

When completing all challenges, you will receive a Microsoft Diploma recognizing your level of understanding of building Connected Mobile Applications with Xamarin and Azure.

With Xamarin you will be able to build cross-platform apps and leverage native user interfaces, APIs and performance, across Android, iOS and Windows. Utilizing the power of Xamarin together with Azure will add extra power to your application enabling you to strength your presence as one enabler of the mobile revolution.

How do I get started?

To help get started the first challenge focusses on getting you “Locked and Loaded” so that you’re ready to be an amazing Connected Mobile Application developer.

Get started with Challenge 1 now!

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