Yotako Turns Design Into Code

The startup Yotako is among the five startups that graduated from the first edition of the Fit for Start program, the public acceleration program for emerging and innovative startups with high growth potential. The two founders and friends, Damien Neuberg and Alfonso García Frey, revealed the new identity of their product at the program’s closing ceremony in September.
Bringing designers and developers closer together

Simply speaking, Yotako transforms design into code. And, it’s easy to use! Traditionally, designers and developers each have their own distinct areas of expertise and it can be difficult for a developer to precisely capture a designer’s ideas and turn them into code.

Hence, Damien and Alfonso’s idea came about as they sought a more efficient and faster solution. The software they have developed allows a developer to simply import the creations of designers and generate code that is ready for use.

In fact, Yotako says that its innovative technology, thanks in particular to artificial intelligence, cuts development time by 30%. It has eliminated the need for a developer to spend hours transcribing lines of code. Yotako, therefore, offers designers and developers a solution that significantly reduces time and costs.

As easy as one-two-three

The founders of Yotako have designed software that is exceptionally easy to use. In the first step, regardless of the medium on which the design was created, the developer simply imports the design into the Yotako software.

In the second step, the developer selects the type of application to be developed and the technology with which he or she wants to work. Finally, in the third and final step, ready-to-use source code is generated.

The real strength of the startup is the simplification of the process of creation and development. It is no surprise that developers can’t wait to get on the platform and experiment with Yotako.

Fit for Start, a springboard for the startup

Freshly graduated from the Fit for Start program last September, Damien and Alfonso recognize that those fourmonths of coaching and training enabled them to develop an MVP—Minimum Viable Product, to commercially launch their product on the market, recruit a first employee and acquire a wide range of users who believe in the software. Damien and Alfonso are currently focused on acquiring new customers and closing fundraising campaigns.

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  1. So an “Import .psd”- Module for Microsoft Frontpage?
    Still looking for any usefull info on their page ( or an example )
    and still waiting for whatever should happen after you “Sign Up”

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