Ziggu, The Customer Follow-Up Platform For Real Estate

Ziggu recently joined the Silicon Luxembourg Business Club. Get to know the startup!
Tell us about your startup.

Ziggu is a proptech company that offers real estate professionals digital tools to manage the complexity of construction and above all to better inform and engage homebuyers during construction. We went through Luxinnovation’s Fit4Start and Queensland’s HotDesQ accelerator programmes successfully and were afterwards accepted at Technoport.

How did you come up with the idea?

Our CEO, Yannick Bontinckx was working as a project developer before starting Ziggu and experienced the challenges associated with managing hundreds of different homebuyers across multiple projects first-hand. He looked for solutions and tried combining several tools to put a stop to the chaos. However, in doing so, he found a new complexity: these tools often don’t communicate well with each other and all information is spread out over different databases. With Ziggu we build a single integrated solution, tailor made for real estate.

What are your products/services?

Our main product, Ziggu Engage, offers residential property developers a way to manage, track and update information about their customers in a secure and user friendly way. At the same time homebuyers are able to login 24/7 to their personal platform to get updates on construction, browse documents, schedule appointments, ask and review questions, make decisions and track invoices.

We launched our second product, Ziggu Construction View, by popular demand of our customers to extend the Ziggu Engage platform with live or historical camera images or timelapses straight from the construction site. Ziggu Construction View helps our customers avoid unnecessary commutes to and from the construction site, keeps track of safety and security and above all it’s a great marketing tool to share progress with different stakeholders.

Ziggu Construction View is also available as a standalone solution, suited for a range of different construction professionals such as general contractors, architects, banks, insurance companies etc…

“We’re planning to add more exciting features to both Ziggu Engage and Ziggu Construction View with a strong focus on integrations with other existing tools and machine learning & artificial intelligence”

What is your business model?

We offer Ziggu Engage as a subscription model where our customers pay per (housing) unit placed on the platform. This provides a very transparent and fair pricing policy that is easy to budget and scales along with our customers. Ziggu Construction View has a one time fee for the (reusable) hardware components and installation on the construction site, combined with a monthly subscription fee based on the amount of cameras for use of the online platform.

Who are your clients?

Our clients are mainly residential property developers that are actively looking for solutions to better manage, track and update their home buyers or investors. Expectations of home buyers are changing, and they are used to great consumer experiences from other brands in their daily lives. While the real estate industry is shifting towards a more service oriented approach, levels of customer centricity will need to match those of other industries. Our customers understand this shift to be inevitable and are using Ziggu to deliver world class customer service while at the same time increasing their own efficiency.

What are the next steps in your development?

We’re planning to add more exciting features to both Ziggu Engage and Ziggu Construction View over the next few months, with a strong focus on integrations with other existing tools and machine learning & artificial intelligence to help our customers get even more value and insights out of the data captured in our Ziggu platforms.

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