#01 – WeCare about Bastien Berg (Luxembourg-City Incubator)

Did you know that you can get an AACSB accredited MBA in Luxembourg? With 30 years of experience, Sacred Heart University Luxembourg (SHULU) offers business professionals the opportunity to complete both a part-time and a full-time MBA which is fully recognized by the Luxembourg Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

For most, the prospect of going back to school after having worked for a couple of years is anything but inviting. In the business world however, it is quite common for professionals to go back to university to complete an MBA in order to broaden their skillset and improve their managerial skills.

Bastien Berg, the new head of the Luxembourg-City Incubator is one of those people. After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management from the Glion Institute of Higher Education (GIHE) in Switzerland and working for a couple of years, Berg decided that he wanted to do a career switch and diversify his options.

“I think it’s crucial to invest in yourself, especially in your own education. As education is [a] life-long currency,” says Berg. “Gaining knowledge is a long-term investment and knowledge is reliability.”

A close network

When he was first considering where to complete his MBA, Berg was uncertain about many things. On the on hand, he had not yet fully convinced himself that doing an MBA was the right thing for him. And on the other hand, he was not sure whether he the Sacred Heart University Luxembourg was the right fit.

Determined to find out more about it, he got in touch with two of his friends who had completed the programme. “They told me about the very motivated students, the very motivated faculty as well with their strong work experience.”

The faculty consists of a mix of accomplished scholars and experienced practitioners in the field which offers a welcome alternative to the usual theory-focussed world of academia. The relatively small size of the MBA programme also makes it easy for students to develop close relationships with their professors and fellow students.

This close network and the availability of staff is an important reason why Berg decided to join SHULU in the first place. Indeed, all it took for Berg to settle his final doubts was a call with SHULU’s director “who said all the right things” to convince Berg that this was the place for him.

Get your MBA at the Sacred Heart University Luxembourg

Since graduating from SHULU, Berg has worked at the House of Startups as a Community & Operations Manager as well as the head of the Luxembourg-City Incubator.

He explains that having completed his MBA in Luxembourg has proved very useful. Indeed, especially getting in touch with fellow SHULU alumni – many of which now occupy key management positions in important companies – has been important for his work.

Other than the professional benefits that come along with completing an MBA, SHULU alumni also still get together to socialise and have drinks and dinner.

To hear more about Sebastien’s Berg MBA experience, check out his talk in our podcast.

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