3 New Entrepreneurial Programmes In Luxembourg

(Photo © Pexels)

Luxembourg’s House of Entrepreneurship has created three programmes for entrepreneurs at different stages in their journeys.

Starting with Seed, over three to six weeks, wannabe entrepreneurs will go through online and in-person workshops and coaching sessions to help transform their business idea into a potential project. 

The Bloom support programme spans four to eight weeks and offers mostly online training to help founders validate their business models. It includes meetings with advisors, ongoing professional development. It aims to strengthen individuals’ skills in areas including management, marketing, and finance. 

Finally, the Launch programme is a hybrid programme for founders of businesses that have been operational for up to one year. The programme, which spans two to six weeks, aims to break the isolation typically experienced by new entrepreneurs and provide guidance on essential aspects of the early stages of business management through personalized coaching sessions, participants are encouraged to tackle key challenges while enhancing their soft and hard skills in parallel.

The programme also includes follow-up appointments with a dedicated advisor, along with opportunities to connect with public partners of the House of Entrepreneurship community and to attend relevant networking events.

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