A Closer Look At How Orange Luxembourg Is Dealing With COVID-19

How are mobile and fixed-line operators, Internet and cable TV providers reacting to the crisis? We asked the Orange Luxembourg team to tell us about this extraordinary feat from their point of view. Here’s our interview with Barbara Fangille, Marketing & Communication Manager and Jean-Christophe Bayet, IT & Network (ITNO) Director.
by: Charles-Louis Machuron
photo: Orange Luxembourg
featured: Jean-Christophe Bayet

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What has the impact of Covid-19 on traffic (calls, SMS, internet) at Orange Luxembourg been like?

We have had a strong increase in voice traffic, with peaks of more than 50% in the last 10 days. We are also witnessing peaks in mobile internet traffic at certain times of the day (the end of the day, for instance). The network as a whole is being more heavily used, but has stabilised.

What technical measures have you taken internally to cope?

In the context of a global pandemic, Orange is fully mobilized to ensure the continuity of its customers’ services and networks, under all circumstances.

Faced with the increase in traffic observed on the mobile Internet network, network capacity is holding up well. Mobile voice traffic has increased sharply and doubled. To cope with this, we have readjusted a number of parameters, in particular at the level of interconnectivity between operators.

Orange can count on the commitment and mobilization of all its teams, particularly technical teams, to ensure the quality and smooth operation of services. Our networks are designed to support large amounts of flux and are sized to handle the current load. In Luxembourg, and globally, Orange supports its residential and business customers to ensure that their solutions and network capacities are sized to keep their businesses running.

“Within a few days, the Orange teams have created a new “Orange Drive” service that is inspired by what exists in other sectors.”

Which requests were prioritized?

For our professional clients, our first concern has been to ensure the continuity of services. We were particularly vigilant with our clients who were travelling abroad during the initial government announcements. We offered them top-ups so that they could stay connected and setup their repatriation, as quickly as possible.

We support every company that needs a helping hand in implementing teleworking solutions for their employees, whether it’s providing the right connectivity, ensuring secure teleworking or providing SMS solutions.

What initiatives have you implemented internally or for clients?

Exceptional times call for exceptional measures and we must all stand together.

As far as internal measures are concerned, Orange has taken strong preventive measures for its employees. Our teams are at home working remotely. And, our point of sale teams have repositioned themselves to telephone support and remain available 6 days a week. They are attentive and respond in a personalised manner to each request. The customer service teams have also been strengthened. It goes without saying that we have also strengthened our social media presence to answer any questions or exchange updates with our community.

“We have added to the name of our network the words “Stay Home Orange LU”.”

Our teams have also quickly adapted to the needs of our clients. Within a few days, the Orange teams have created a new “Orange Drive” service in Bertrange that is inspired by what exists in other sectors. It seems to meet the current needs of the population, as it greatly reduces physical contact and complements a home delivery service, usually reserved for business customers, but now extended free of charge to individual customers.

Customers can select their subscription and smartphones online and get assistance over the phone (if necessary) and then pick up the order at the Orange drive or have it delivered to their homes.

We’ve also started collecting defective smartphones from the customer’s home, repairing them and returning them within days.

Last but not least, we have added to the name of our network the words “Stay Home Orange LU”. This is now visible on each wallpaper of mobiles in the Orange Luxembourg network.

Can we expect bandwidth limitations in the next few days or weeks?

We are confident in the reliability and sizing of our networks around the world, however we sincerely request our customers to use them responsibly in order to preserve this essential public good during these difficult times.

This article was first published in Silicon Luxembourg magazine (special Covid edition “Hope”). Download now.

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