Back To Basics At WIDE’s Pitching & Funding Conference

Marina Andrieu, Co-founder and Director of WIDE (Photo © WIDE)

The WIDE network is hosting their Pitching & Funding Conference to help future entrepreneurs in Luxembourg – both female and male – navigate the challenges of launching an ambitious tech project for the first time, and offer insights into how the startup world works.

The one-day conference, organised by Women in Digital Empowerment (WIDE), is focused on educating new tech entrepreneurs and early-stage founders on the basics of launching a successful startup. Specifically, how to pitch their idea to investors and how to secure funding. According to WIDE’s Co-founder and Director, Marina Andrieu, “These are two of the most important skills a founder can have but many aren’t doing it right, especially when it comes to funding and discussing share of equity. There may be a lot of resources online but the reality is often different, especially in Luxembourg.”

Learn the art of the pitch

As a result, the programme is focused on education – providing practical tips for those starting out on their projects – as well as inspiration. “The goal of the event is for attendees to be able to ask their candid and naive questions openly,” explains Andrieu. WIDE also aims to promote entrepreneurship in Luxembourg through this event, particularly female entrepreneurship, so they are involving women from the ecosystem to participate and share their expertise as part of the programme. This includes presentations from experts and investors such as Lily Wang (Expon Capital), Elodie Trojanowski (BeAngels) and Fonny Bunjamin (Vestis Labs).

In addition, there will be more interactive sessions too. Philip Grother, from Test my Pitch, will be hosting a workshop where attendees can learn how to give the perfect elevator pitch. There will also be plenty of opportunities to network with other new, and more experienced, entrepreneurs and investors during the day too. The Pitching & Funding Conference takes place on Saturday 4th February at The Office City. “Most networking events happen during a weekday, but we are holding it on Saturday because we know many people who are thinking about starting a business still have full-time corporate jobs. We wanted to make it more accessible to them,” explains Andrieu. And this event is open to both men and women. “Even though WIDE is known to support girls and women in tech, this event is open to anyone and we hope that men will join us too.” Already more than 30 people have registered. To sign up for the event visit

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