bitFlyer Europe Discusses Upcoming Crypto Regulations

Yuzo Kano, the global CEO of bitFlyer, and Pascal Steichen, the founder and CEO of the Luxembourg House of Cybersecurity.

On May 8th, at the Ginkgo Solutions office, Yuzo Kano, the global CEO of bitFlyer, and Pascal Steichen, the CEO of the Luxembourg House of Cybersecurity discussed the mutual shared space and the upcoming EU crypto regulations.

This format allowed for a comprehensive exchange of ideas, with each participant contributing their unique perspectives on the challenges and opportunities in these rapidly evolving fields. “This event was crucial in facilitating a comprehensive exchange of ideas, as each participant brought unique perspectives on the challenges and opportunities in these rapidly evolving fields,” said Jesus Garcia, vice president of Damco Solutions Europe. The collaborative aspect of the discussion allowed for an in-depth exploration of future implications for both industries, emphasizing the necessity for security measures and regulatory compliance.

Yuzo Kano’s vision

Yuzo Kano, a dominant figure in the crypto asset exchange industry, shared insights from his journey of founding bitFlyer. He discussed his inspiration for starting the cryptocurrency exchange and the company’s evolution over the years, into transacting $250bn to date. Kano highlighted significant milestones, including navigating Japan’s stringent regulatory environment, and explained how bitFlyer has successfully never been hacked due to vigorous cybersecurity measures and techniques. 

Kano also outlined future plans for bitFlyer, emphasizing the company’s commitment to maintaining its leadership in the industry, and commemorated his European office team members for their hard work and dedication.

Enhancing cybersecurity in the cryptocurrency industry

Pascal Steichen, CEO of Luxembourg House of Cybersecurity, provided a comprehensive overview of the cybersecurity landscape within Luxembourg, the cryptocurrency industry, and beyond. He discussed the crucial role of cybersecurity in protecting digital assets and user data emphasizing the pressing challenges faced by cryptocurrency exchanges today. Steichen elaborated on initiatives and collaborations led by Luxembourg House of Cybersecurity to enhance awareness and best practices within the sector.

Steichen also highlighted the importance of building and maintaining trust among users and stakeholders amidst growing concerns over cybersecurity threats. Additionally, he shared his vision for the advancements needed in cybersecurity to safeguard the future of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Roundtable discussion around MiCa

The discussion also addressed the upcoming European Union’s markets in crypto-assets regulation (MiCA) and its implications for the industry. Both leaders underscored the necessity of strong cybersecurity frameworks to comply with new regulations and mitigate emerging cyber risks. With the increasing relevance of cybersecurity for cryptocurrencies, bitFlyer Europe team members expressed readiness to adapt to these regulatory changes, reinforcing its leadership and expertise in the industry.

The event was hosted by Ami Nagata, Jesús García, and Nicolas Catallo, of bitFlyer Europe, with the attendees list including: Patricia Suarez COO of OEL Fund Services, Julie Bourgeois head of legal and compliance at 6 Monks, Julien Wolff executive director 6 Monks, Harry Lars founder Woud Law, Roberto Pimentel co-founder and board member of the Luxembourg House of Web3, and Luis Galveias, COO at LPEA. This diverse group of experts contributed to an engaging dialogue on the future of cryptocurrencies and cybersecurity.

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