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Caroline Larsson speaks from her own experience on how she created power and motivation to strive forward for her dreams even when her actual situation and surrounding wasn’t exceptional. How I met Caroline? I went to a startup and ICT event this year in Luxembourg. I parked my car and chose to take the elevator instead of the stairs! But the elevator was broken and someone else really expected it, Caroline. We decided to walk together to the entrance of the event. Those 300 meters were a real source of inspiration. True story. I am glad Caroline accepted to come in Luxembourg next week for an exclusive motivational speech during the Junior International Chamber (JCI) Luxembourg‘s monthly meeting. She will share her knowledge and her experience. I can’t tell you more. Just read the introduction to her speech below and come attend her conference.

In 2011 I reached something I dreamed about since childhood, I got the license Professional golfer, I was now ready to take on the big tours and compete with the best! Two weeks after this I survived an earthquake in New Zealand and another three weeks after this I was diagnosed with cancer in my knee. The only way to survive was to amputate my right leg.
This story could be a story about tragedy, but for me it is the opposite, for me this was the door-opener to life, I realized a perspective I never encountered before, I started to live and appreciate everything I had instead of focusing on what I didn’t have, or what I was going to loose

Caroline Larsson, Golf Professional & Motivational Speaker

Caroline, why did you start being a motivational speaker?

I started speaking in 2011 mostly because of major changes in my life but also cause l was really passionate for this work. I love to travel to new places and meet new people! I realized after my life-change that l could speak about my knowledge and the experience made and therefore help and inspire others. Depending on how we treat a change and which attitude we choose we can make a change becoming a success!

What are the main fears of the entrepreneurs?

I believe the main fears of entrepreneurs are the fear or rather the worries of not succeeding in the end. To much focus on the end result rather than focusing on the possibilities to really make the way there.

How can they overcome it?

I think every person needs different things and perspectives to overcome fear but first of all we need to figure out where and potentially who the fear comes from. First then we know what to work with. Our will and how much we need to sacrifice to let go of fear also has an impact on our way there. But most important is to trust yourself!

What would be your recommendations to motivate someone to start a start-up?

Go for your dreams! Nothing is as fulfilling as following your heart and really challenge yourself to do what you always dreamed of. But one thing to remember, follow your dream and not the dream others expect you to go for! Good luck!

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