Chamber Of Commerce Of Luxembourg Re-elects President Fernand Ernster For Five-Year Mandate

The plenary assembly of the Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg (Photo © Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg)

In a significant development for Luxembourg’s business community, the Chamber of Commerce convened its constituent plenary assembly on Tuesday, April 30, 2024, and re-elected Fernand Ernster as the president of the chamber.

One of the primary agendas of the assembly was the election of a president. In a show of unwavering support, Fernand Ernster, the current president of the Chamber of Commerce, received a unanimous vote of confidence from the elected members, securing another five-year term. Alongside this reappointment, the assembly appointed a new bureau, with Marc Lauer, Valérie Massin, Carole Muller, and Alain Rix assuming key vice-presidential roles.

Commencing the five-year term

In his address to the assembly, President Fernand Ernster underscored the continuity of his leadership while expressing gratitude for the trust placed in him by the members. “Together, we will continue to be a force of proposals and solutions to address contemporary challenges such as strengthening the competitiveness and productivity of businesses, technological and environmental transformations, access to affordable energy, as well as talent attraction and retention. We will explore new market and innovation opportunities within the services of the Chamber of Commerce. Sustaining prosperity, the well-being of our society, and a generous social protection system require a collective and ambitious effort. Our commitment aims to ensure the attractiveness of the Luxembourgish site and to promote a pro-business framework in the grand duchy,” said Ernster. Emphasizing the importance of collective effort, Ernster outlined the challenges ahead, including enhancing competitiveness, navigating technological advancements, and fostering talent retention.

”Today was an important day, the composition of the Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg, which is a very important partner of the Luxembourg economy, where questions of entrepreneurship,  questions of internationalization of companies here in Luxembourg are discussed.”

Lex Delles, minister of the economy, SMEs, energy, and tourism.

CC: partner of the economy

Minister Lex Delles, in his capacity as the chamber’s supervisory minister, commended the election outcomes, highlighting the crucial role of the Chamber of Commerce as an important partner in Luxembourg’s economy. Delles expressed optimism for continued collaboration between the ministry and the chamber to strengthen the nation’s economic prospects.

“I am delighted to have had the opportunity to preside over the constituent plenary assembly of the Chamber of Commerce for the first time, as the supervisory minister. I would like to congratulate all the elected members, especially Fernand Ernster, who is being reappointed to his role as president. I extend my best wishes for success in carrying out their mission, both as representatives designated by their peers to defend the interests of their sector within the Chamber of Commerce, and to assist the Chamber of Commerce’s staff in fulfilling their respective tasks,” said Delles.

An assembly inclusive of all sectors

Reflecting the diversity of Luxembourg’s economic sectors, the plenary assembly comprised representatives from industries ranging from commerce and finance to hospitality and insurance. With each sector represented, the assembly stands as a strong decision-making body, entrusted with steering the course of the chamber’s actions and policies. The composition of the assembly, with its effective and alternate members, reflects a commitment to inclusivity and representation across the spectrum of Luxembourg’s business landscape.

From multinational corporations to family-owned enterprises, each member brings a unique perspective and expertise to the table.

The members of the assembly can be found here.

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