Creos Advances Energy Distribution With ALVA Smart Grid AI Twin

Creos, Luxembourg’s leading Distribution System Operator (DSO), has successfully deployed ALVA, a state-of-the-art smart grid AI Twin, developed in collaboration with DataThings.

This achievement reflects Creos’s commitment to enhancing energy distribution’s efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.

Managing electricity distribution efficiently is an ongoing challenge, especially with the rise of renewable energy sources, electric vehicles, and heat pumps. ALVA, an artificial intelligence (AI) technology developed in Luxembourg, provides a digital twin of the energy grid, allowing Creos to optimize its network, predict issues, and ensure a stable energy supply.

Yves Reckinger, Smart Grids Manager at Creos, says, “Implementing ALVA is a crucial step in managing our electricity grid more efficiently.” Robert GRAGLIA, Head of Grid Support, adds, “AI and digital twin technology help us detect and address problems proactively.”

ALVA also aligns with Creos’s commitment to sustainable energy distribution. It supports renewable energy integration, reduces losses, and minimizes environmental impact.

Gregory Nain, Co-founder of DataThings, highlights the significance of this collaboration, saying, “Our partnership with Creos represents a milestone in our shared vision for a smarter energy future.”

The collaboration between Creos and DataThings represents a shared vision for a smarter energy future. In 2019, Encevo invested in DataThings, strengthening this partnership.

Claude Turmes, Minister for Energy, praises ALVA’s development, emphasizing its role in efficient network management.

Creos’s deployment of ALVA marks a significant step toward a sustainable and resilient energy distribution future in Luxembourg.

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