Cryptojacking In 3 Minutes

Cyber mafias exploit web videos to take control of any computer and generate cryptocurrencies. Explanations with Vincent Meysonnet, Pre-sales technical manager of Bitdefender France. 3 minutes to understand everything about the number one threat on the Internet.

Cryptojacking is a threat that targets hardware resources (processor, graphics board, etc.) from a computer to integrate it into a calculation chain and thus generate cryptocurrencies. This diversion of computing power from infected computers is used for exclusively financial purposes. “Each machine can generate $0.25 per day in Monero,” says Vincent Meysonnet. This money is certainly virtual, but can be used on Internet. With 2000 infected machines, it is possible to generate up to $500 per day, or $182,500 at the end of the year! »

An insidious threat

A simple consultation of a website or video on an Internet site may be sufficient. “We estimate that, in the short term, there will be 100 times more cryptojacking than ransomwares, and that will make this technique profitable and difficult to identify,” predicts Meyonnet Vincent.

This threat is limited to exploiting the computing power of infected computers. No data is stolen, all taking place in the largest discretion. On the other hand, the performance of the PC is considerably reduced, leading to possible discomfort for the individual, for companies, a real impact on productivity.

Watch the video:

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