Digital Learning Hub Partners With Q-leap For Software Testing Courses

Q-leap and DLH collaborate to offer two new courses (Photo © Shutterstock)

Q-leap has collaborated with The Digital Learning Hub (DLH) which is offering two new courses to learners and professionals wanting to upgrade their software testing skills.

Launched in May 2022, the DLH is the first public training center in Luxembourg to offer exclusively professional IT training. An initiative of the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth, the DLH was created with a dual objective: to accelerate the country’s digital transformation through training, and to help fill the significant need for qualified IT professionals in today’s job market. 

The DLH offers two “Learning Tracks” in the field of software testing, one technical and one non-technical. Each Learning Track is made up of a set of different modules that constitute a complete and comprehensive program, leading to the development of specific skills.

It is in this area of expertise, that Q-leap is a recognized leader in Luxembourg and is actively contributing its qualified trainers to the two “Learning Tracks” dedicated to software testing. The first track is dedicated to the non-technical software testing professional and enables participants to acquire the knowledge they need to test applications while the second one is dedicated to the technical software tester, offering an introduction to the fundamentals of software testing.

Both courses are designed for professionals undergoing retraining, jobseekers as well as people already in employment who wish to consolidate their skills. Importantly, these software testing training courses are always free of charge for all jobseekers registered with ADEM or with a foreign employment agency. 

At the end of these Learning Tracks, each candidate will be better prepared to tackle the competitive software testing job market. This increases their chances of being considered by potential employers. It’s also important to note that Q-leap recruits on a regular basis, offering learners a tangible opportunity to find a job on completion of the full training course.

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