Discover The Inner Workings Of The Recruitment Policy At Steel Shed Solutions

Luxembourg-based group Steel Shed Solutions, founded in 2001, is a digital platform used in the sale of steel kit buildings. The group sells nearly 1,000 buildings annually in 48 geographic zones. It currently employs just a little over 40 people.
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How many employees do you have today?

Our scale-up does not stop growing: in terms of sales turnover, we have gone up more than 17 million euros in 2015 to 28 million euros in 2018, and our number of employees have gone from 10 people in 2015 to about 40 in 2019, along with 5-6 interns.

This constant evolution does not change in the work environment at Steel Shed Solutions in any way. New employees are happy to join us. The after works and other events are always full of participants.

In which domain(s) do you recruit?

Our work methodology constantly evolves thanks to the feedback from our employees. As we continue to develop German and African markets (French speaking and English speaking), we are currently looking for sales reps for the German and English-speaking markets) and engineers in steel frame dimensioning and technical designers (under both full time and internship positions). See our vacant full time and internship positions online (click here).

“Our company offers the possibility for certain employees to change positions in order to explore their competences and grow in others.”

What can we understand from your recruitment policy?

Steel Shed Solutions offers the opportunity for young talents to develop their potential and skills.

50% of our employees have started as interns and were eventually offered full-time jobs. Some have also been promoted to managers managing a team of up to 10 people.

Steel Shed Solutions invests in trainings to reinforce the managers with know-hows and soft skills in order to better manage their teams at work.

Furthermore, our company offers the possibility for certain employees to change positions in order to explore their competences and grow in others.

What do your employees and interns think?

Several interns and employees have expressed their reviews, explaining what they think of Steel Shed Solutions in a few sentences. Here are a few examples:

Emilie M. “I was lucky to continue working at Steel Shed Solutions after my internship, since they have offered me to stay as a full-time employee, the one I’m in charge now, as a purchaser”.

Julien T. “There is always a new challenge!”

Julie V. “Everybody gets along quite well; we are happy to go to work in the morning”.

Alpaslan B. “I learned to sell buildings and made it my job”.

The article is sponsored by Steel Shed Solutions and reflects only the opinion of the author.

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