Docler Tech Talks Fuel The Live Experience Of All Things Tech

Accustomed to hosting and organizing monthly meetups at its headquarters, the company has been able to adapt to offer a new digital and live experience of its events. From the comfort of your home, you can now attend high level tech presentations and discussions. The new website and the presence on social networks keep the conversation alive during and in between.

Photo. First tech talk introduced by Kolos Kaszály, CTO at Docler Holding Luxembourg / Credits © Docler Holding

What is the purpose of the Tech Talks series?

We created Docler Tech Talks to digitalize our tech conference experience. As an IT company, we believe that fostering knowledge, innovation, and growth in information technology is an important factor to our success. Therefore, we created Docler Tech Talks – to provide a free platform for those interested to gain a deeper understanding of the digital world. Because there is so much content into the digital sphere, we feel that it is important to host a wide variety of topics. From HTTP and UX to digital marketing and cybersecurity in the modern age.

How did you come up with the idea?

Docler Holding Luxembourg has hosted several meetups last year and this year prior to the national lockdown. As we made our way back to our desks, we knew that we wanted to continue the momentum that we had with our previous meetups and make them adaptable to the current environment.

What do you expect from those events?

Our main objective is to expand our recognition as an established IT company here in Luxembourg. Our developers are well-experienced and have a diverse array of technical knowledge. That being said, we believe that giving them a platform, along with another professional technical speaker, showcases the expertise of our employees and provides a valuable exchange of information on the tech talk topic.

“We have a live feed with our streaming so users can make comments and a Q&A at the end of each speaker presentation.”

From physical to digital events, what are the main challenges?

The main challenge is the absence of direct contact with our audience. When you have an in-person event, the flow of the presentation can be very smooth as both the audience and the speakers create interaction between the two. Our solution is to keep the elements of a normal event – with a moderator presenting from a stage – while also giving the audience a voice with the featured speakers. We have a live feed with our streaming so users can make comments and a Q&A at the end of each speaker presentation.

Tell us more about the speakers.

Our first tech talk was a PHP Edition, with one of Docler’s Software Architect’s – Alexander Lisachenko – and Bastian Hofmann, a senior Field Engineer at Rancher Labs, the top open-source software company for Kubernetes deployment. We felt that it was important to have our first Tech Talk with a topic that many developers would understand, along with Kubernetes, which is a growing open-source container-orchestration system. Our next talk on Thursday night is our IT Security Edition – with Viktor Ferter from Docler speaking about Binary Fuzzing, and Alexandre Dulaunoy from CIRCL (Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg) speaking about Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosures.

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