Edonys: “Our Mission Is To Combine The Power Of Technology And Creativity”

Pictured, Edonys’ CMO Charline Pennisi and Partner, Olivier Rozet (Photo © Edonys)

Olivier Rozet (VIREO) and Charline Pennisi (Technology Partner) explain how Edonys, the two companies’ new brand, specialising in employee benefits and IT project development will “contribute to a fair, efficient and prosperous world for citizens and organisations”.

In March, VIREO best known for its digital tax assistant, myTax, and Technology Partner joined forces to launch Edonys.

The new entity is currently offering a digital tax assistant to generate the tax return by answering simple questions as well as technology expertise to develop IT innovative projects. Both services are now presented as TaxWorld and TechWorld. Starting this year, the startup will create two new worlds (PayWorld and JoyWorld ) and start to explore new boundaries in Europe.

Olivier Rozet and Charline Pennisi detail the business and objectives of their new brand.

When were the first collaborations made?

The first joint experience dates back to 2019, when Jonathan Marroyen (tax expert and CEO of VIREO), now CEO of Edonys, called on Julien Gras (Technology Partner’s IT architect), now CTO of Edonys, to develop his myTax application. We succeeded to propose the digital tax assistant to employers like Banque de Luxembourg, Devoteam and many others. Since 2020, KPMG, after requesting a Big Four exclusivity and a partnership, uses it to generate the personal tax returns for all its clients.

In March 2021, we won together the first call for solutions “Bye Bye Robots” of the challenge organized by the GovTech Lab. We also made, the same year, a second partnership with Spuerkeess to allow all its clients to generate their tax returns by themselves in S-Net.

What is the objective of this alliance ?

Our mission is to combine the power of technology and creativity to contribute to a fair, efficient and prosperous world for citizens and organisations.

And this by offering turnkey solutions to employee and their organisations, which can be deployed directly or via a tool they can create to meet their own digitalisation objectives.

What solutions Edonys will offer in 2024?

The worlds that currently exist will evolve to be even more efficient:

As an employee benefit, TaxWorld generates and optimizes the staff’s tax return and helps them pay less tax. Among other features, employees can also simulate any tax situation (teleworking, marriage, or property acquisition) and find out their net income after tax. Once the myTax process is complete, they will find out how much tax they can claim or re-pay and download the declaration forms.

For its part, TechWorld helps organisations to define and develop their projects. One of the main qualities of our team is the ability to clearly understand the business needs of our clients. It allows us to ensure relevant development and delivery that consistently matches with the request.

On the other hand, we will bring in 2024 a new employee benefit (JoyWorld) which increase dramatically the purchasing power of individuals and reduce the employer costs for companies. How? You will need to wait a few months to hear more about it but we can assure you that it will raise the interest of all of you. Stay tuned!

In the same time, to allow employers to reach the cream of the crop of efficiency, we will launch a world that will optimize the employee packages. Its philosophy will be: “Offering more while spending better”.

PayWorld will help the organisation build its package policy, choose its employee benefits portfolio and manage its costs. On their side, employees will create their package depending on what is made available by their employer, find out their net income and follow the evolution of their pay in their secure personal space.

What are the next steps?

Few start-ups specialise in taxation and employee package optimisation. We therefore must focus on these promising areas on the European market.

The offer of wage benefits in Luxembourg and abroad will evolve in the coming years. That’s why we need to develop solutions to match those evolutions. Furthermore, companies allocate a large budget to wage benefits that are ultimately little used by their employe es. The idea therefore is to better target and adapt these offers to the needs of employees and their expectations in terms of work-life balance. In other words, the objective is both to offer new benefits on the market, which will be 100% used by employees, while helping companies make better use of their budgets.

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