Enidia AI: Where AI Meets Legalese

Tomer Libal, founder and CEO of Enidia AI (Photo © Stephanie Jabardo Silicon Luxembourg).

Having spent nearly two decades in software development, Prof. Tomer Libal is driven by a vision to revolutionise the legal domain by leveraging advanced AI  technologies for practical applications. 

“Enidia AI merges the safety of AI utilized in high-risk sectors like nuclear reactors with the versatility of generative AI, offering ChatGPT-like capabilities devoid of its ethical drawbacks, such as hallucination and inaccuracy,” stated Prof. Tomer Libal, Founder Enidia AI.

Prof. Tomer Enidia AI in 2021 to address the challenges faced by legal professionals in using AI effectively by developing ethical and accurate AI solutions. Enidia AI’s core vision is seeking to bridge the gap between technological innovation and practical legal applications.

Bridging technology and practice

The employment of AI and digital software in legal practice is essential. With this conviction, Enidia AI’s commitment is to comprehensively decode the intricate arguments embedded within legal texts. By employing a diverse array of AI technologies, Enidia AI helps legal practitioners gain a deeper understanding of documents, thereby facilitating informed decision-making. 

“One of the hallmark features of Enidia AI’s approach is its emphasis on transparency and accountability,” said Prof. Tomer Libal, Founder of Enidia AI.

The product’s inner workings have already been shown and demonstrated to legal professionals to instil a sense of trust and confidence in its utilisation within the legal domain. The company is managing the safety of AI use in high-risk domains such as nuclear reactors, with the versatility of generative AI and offers ChatGPT-like capabilities without ethical drawbacks. 

The hybrid AI advantage

The traditional solutions provided by generative AI grapple with the ability to provide accurate solutions without so-called hallucinations. Setting itself apart from conventional AI solutions, Enidia AI adopts a hybrid approach that seamlessly combines optimised language models with other AI techniques. This fusion enhances the accuracy and reliability of its offerings and minimises reliance on statistical methodologies. 

“Enidia AI’s hybrid approach maximizes accuracy by strategically using statistics only where they’re verifiable, ensuring a reliable solution for legal automation.” Tomer added.

Enidia prioritises human-verifiable accuracy and minimises statistical dependency. As a result, the solutions provided by Enidia are reliable and robust. This strategic approach ensures legal practitioners can confidently leverage AI technologies to automate tasks with the utmost precision – a rarity in the current generative AI landscape. 

Ensuring trust 

Through the conscientious application of machine learning, the accuracy of which can be tested and verified by tools called automated provers, Enidia AI holds the utmost standards of accuracy. Experts can easily supervise and choose between different language interpretations, cultivating trust in the technology. 

Enidia AI is trying to penetrate traditional practices that are nearly a norm – human intervention in legal advising and brainstorming. As the first company trying to automate these tasks, finding use cases that can benefit from Enidia AI’s technology presents a challenge. 

In this quest, Enidia AI has committed to continuous improvement and refining its tools to align with the evolving needs of the legal landscape. The team has created a chatbot capable of asking legal questions and providing accurate advice. Their current solutions are implemented in data protection law, providing automatic legal advice in consumer law and some local laws in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Facilitating partnerships and accessibility

Enidia AI team is working rigorously on developing a service app any legal service provider can work with to benefit from their technology. It will help individuals and organisations streamline their operations through automation. 

Until then, prospective clients can reach the Enidia AI team with their requirements directly to explore collaborative opportunities and leverage advanced technology. 

The product pricing structure is also designed to democratise access to legal knowledge and comes in three different options. The primary access along with consumer law initiatives are available as pro-bono services. To customise the Chatbot for addressing tailored legal problems, businesses can work directly with the team. 

The journey ahead

The successful validations in consumer law applications and notable participation in esteemed events are the achievements contending for the product’s use case. 

Enidia was recently honoured to be invited to the coveted  Eurostar Venture Awards and was selected among the top three startups from the University of Luxembourg’s incubator. Enidia has also secured the prestigious FNR JUMP grant to advance the commercialization of cutting-edge research.

The team plans to continue to support the academic community with their findings and further enhance the efficacy of the product based on new learnings.

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