Ensuring The Security Of Connected Devices: A Matter Of Urgency

Data collected by connected object can be easily diverted through botnets, unless certain security standards are correctly implemented. Prof. Youki Kadobayashi from the Laboratory for Cyber Resilience of the Nara Institute of Science and Technology (Japan) gave us the details.

For the most part, connected devices use the internet to send reports on their use and activities to the cloud. The growing success of these objects attracted the attention of criminal organizations, which have been able to exploit the vulnerabilities of certain devices through botnets like Mirai and other types of malwares. “These botnets are designed to endlessly replicate, increasing the number of infected devices”, says Youki Kadobayashi.

Manufacturers are hitting a wall

How to stem this phenomenon to avoid catastrophe? “Security must take into account three pillars: the connected device, the wireless network, and the cloud”, argues Youki Kadobayashi. To him, the verdict is clear: manufacturers (predominantly Chinese) must be more vigilant, and take the problem seriously “in the same way as actors such as Sony or Panasonic did”, by adopting a series of standards to improve the security of connected devices.

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