Episode 28 Of The Elevator Series Is Out Featuring Startup Bëssen Wëssen

(Photo © Silicon Luxembourg/Stephanie Jabardo)

The Elevator is a unique video series created by Silicon Luxembourg, featuring entrepreneurs pitching their ideas in a real elevator.

With the start of its third season, the show continues to provide a fresh and exciting way to showcase innovative business ideas.

In each episode, viewers get a glimpse into the minds of entrepreneurs as they present their ideas and strategies to potential investors. The series aims to inspire and educate aspiring entrepreneurs by sharing real-world experiences and insights from successful business leaders.

The eighth episode of season three features Emma Pardaen, Co-founder of Bëssen Wëssen, pitching her innovative ideas in the elevator.

Overall, The Elevator is an engaging and informative series that seeks to promote entrepreneurial culture and inspire new ideas in the business world.

The series is broadcast in premiere on RTL Play in partnership with Orange Luxembourg.

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