Facebook Tests New Feature On Luxembourgish Market With Vanksen

Facebook decided to test the viability of its new feature called Brand Health Check with Vanksen and its client AXA Luxembourg. A tool for measuring brands popularity and reputation among targeted audiences.
by: Silicon Luxembourg
photo: Vanksen

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For a brand, health and popularity have shown to have strong bonds between them. Facebook just sent us a reminder of the importance to keep an acute eye on these subjects in the form of the Facebook Brand Health Check.

With Brand Health Check, Facebook arise as a digital polling institute and now offers the possibility for all companies to gather precise and precious marketing information such as popularity rankings against competitors among dedicated audiences, numerical data on overall popularity and market intelligence.

To guarantee the feature is fit for the Luxembourgish market, Facebook chose Vanksen and its client AXA Luxembourg to test its viability.

This granted exclusivity to Vanksen by Facebook for the Luxembourgish market shows once again the healthy relationship the two companies nurture on a daily basis through the management of both Social Paid & Social Media projects Vanksen’s clients.

The article is sponsored by Vanksen and reflects only the opinion of the author.

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