Female Fund: “Making Money While Changing The World”

Members of Female Fund gathered at Davos for their official launch (© Female Fund)

Recently greenlit by the CSSF, Female Fund, Luxembourg’s first women-owned fund just launched in Davos and is ready to make some waves in 2024. Its founder, Lovisa Löwenborg tells us more.

Launched earlier this month at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Female Fund is the brainchild of Swedish real estate investor Lovisa Löwenborg who hopes to increase female capital in the market, encourage female fund ownership, and boost investment in female-led initiatives.

While the fund is primarily focused on the Scandinavian market, it also includes listed and unlisted stocks from around the globe. Currently, the target audience is professional investors with female capital and the minimum ticket is €125k. 

“I would like to work with women who have experience in VC investments and see if the Female Fund can find a way of offering VC in a way in which female entrepreneurs feel comfortable to come and see that there are opportunities,” the entrepreneur explained. 

“Women are interested in making money while changing the world, and you can be sure that you will be able to make that happen if you invest in this fund.”

Lovisa Löwenborg, investor and founder of Female Fund

Retail investors welcome

To increase the diversity of the profiles, Female Fund is also launching a Swedish SPV targeting a group of 200 women which is open to retail investors, as the minimum ticket is 20k Sek (around €1.8k)

By increasing female investment and ownership, Lovisa not only hopes to address the gender disparity in the investment world but also to increase ESG investments, which, women are more inclined to invest in.

“This alignment with ESG values will have a positive impact on the world by directing capital toward companies and initiatives that contribute to a more sustainable and socially responsible global economy,” said Lovisa.

With more than €5tn assets under management in regulated funds, Luxembourg is an optimal place to start and grow a new fund. As the co-founder of the Women in Real Estate Network (WIRE), a peer-to-peer learning and real estate investment platform with 650 investors, Lovisa is ready to put her skills to new use in the Duchy. 

This year, the goal is to onboard the initial group of women who will be part of the effort to hit a €10 million closing, before commencing investments in Q2.

This article was first published on Forbes Luxembourg “Capital-risque : le Female Fund cible les investissements ESG avec des investisseurs féminins

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