Forbes Luxembourg Celebrates First Ever Print Edition

Charles-Louis, CEO of Silicon Luxembourg and Regional Representative of Forbes Luxembourg (Photo © Anouk Flesch / Forbes Luxembourg)

On March 28, Forbes Luxembourg celebrated the launch of its first print edition at the Tero House. Guests, ecosystem players and cover stars Andy and Fränk Schleck gathered under one roof and celebrated this international launch with local relevance.

On March 28th, Luxembourg witnessed a memorable occasion as guests from various sectors gathered at Tero House for the launch of Forbes magazine’s inaugural issue for the Luxembourg market. The event not only marked the unveiling of the first-ever Forbes cover but also served as a platform for networking and celebration.

The significance of this milestone cannot be overstated. It symbolizes a fusion of international prestige with local relevance, offering readers a unique perspective on global business, entrepreneurship, and success stories tailored to Luxembourg.

Charles-Louis Machuron, regional representative for Forbes in Luxembourg emphasized the importance of introducing this new medium with the support of individuals who have made indelible marks on Luxembourg’s history and beyond. 

Luxembourg can now be proud to be part of the global Forbes publishing network. I think that’s what we need to emphasize at this point. And who better to introduce this new medium to the Grand Duchy than champions of international stature who have left their mark on the history of their sport and of Luxembourg.”

Charles-Louis Machuron, regional representative for Forbes in Luxembourg.

The debut of Forbes in Luxembourg indicates a new era in the country’s media landscape. The collaboration between Forbes Belgium, Forbes Luxembourg, and Ventures Media underlines a commitment to establishing a formidable presence in the region.

“I’m very proud that we’re working with the Ventures Media’s teams to establish this brand in Luxembourg over the long term, as evidenced by this first issue, which is just the beginning of the journey”, said Charles-Louis.

Guests gathered in anticipation as the inaugural edition of Forbes Luxembourg magazine was unveiled, revealing the iconic Schleck brothers on the cover. Andy Schleck and Fränk Schleck were in attendance for the unveiling of their picture on the cover of Forbes Magazine.

Andy and Frank Schleck, from Luxembourg, are former professional cyclists celebrated for their sports achievements, with Andy winning the Tour de France in 2010. Renowned for their athletic abilities, the Schleck brothers left an indelible mark on the world of cycling during their illustrious careers.

Forbes journalists and team members gathered together for the first time under one roof, mingling with guests and notable figures they had previously interviewed and featured in their articles, emphasizing the significance of this milestone in Luxembourg’s media landscape

As the first issue hits the stands, it marks just the beginning of an exciting journey, one that promises to enrich and inspire readers across the country and beyond.

The Forbes magazine is to be released quarterly in Luxembourg, with a total of four editions yearly.

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