Words From A Member: Urban Gillström (Greenworlder)

Urban Gillström, CEO of Greenworlder (Photo © Kaori Anne Jolliffe / Silicon Luxembourg)

The startup Greenworlder has joined the Silicon Luxembourg Founders Club. Founder and CEO Urban Gillström explains more about the company.

A few words about you.

I am the founder & CEO of Greenworlder, a responsible social media network located at LCI/HoST. I moved to Luxembourg from Stockholm last year. I am also a business angel and advisor and member of LBAN and LPEA. I have a background as an independent PE/VC advisor, business angel and global c-level executive for over three decades.

What are the main pillars of your company?

Integrity, sustainability and knowledge through our multi-sided platform:

  • Social media platform: A range of fun social media features, offering a safe social space for users.
  • Engagement tools & marketplace: Advertising, loyalty tools and marketplace based on engagement and mutual trust.
  • News & facts: High-quality real content from validated sources of news, facts, and research.

Why did you want to join the Founders Club?

My first meeting with Charles-Louis, founder and CEO of Silicon Luxembourg, is the reason why we applied, were selected and moved in at LCI/HoST. And I highly value the powerful startup ecosystem of Luxembourg where Founders Club is a key element.

What are your predictions for your industry?

My prediction for the social media industry is that it will continue to grow to more than 4 billion users in 2025 and that Europe needs a new sustainable alternative respecting people, planet and climate. Greenworlder aims to become that alternative.

If you are interested in joining the Founders Club, you can find more information on our Memberships page. Contact our team today to join the network.

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