Fundcraft Raises €5m To Fuel European Expansion

Julien De Mayer, CEO Fundcraft (Photo © Fundcraft)

CEO Julien De Mayer says the capital will fuel Fundcraft’s product expansion, add new asset classes to the asset management platform, and support it in scaling to Spain and Germany.

Fundcraft, Luxembourg’s leading digital infrastructure provider for unified, efficient, and transparent asset management solutions has announced the successful closure of a €5m Series A funding round led by Aperture Capital, and SIX Fintech Ventures.

Fundcraft as a platform facilitates centralised and automated processes, data management, and stakeholder interaction, benefiting all parties involved in the value chain, including lawyers, bankers, auditors, accountants, and depositaries.

By integrating fund accounting, compliance, portfolio management, and reporting into a unified system, Fundcraft streamlines workflows and delivers a singular source of truth. This consolidation translates to reduced administration costs, heightened agility, and minimised risks for all stakeholders.

With a cutting-edge platform designed to offer holistic solutions for regulatory requirements, the company promises to enhance transparency, efficiency, and compliance while centralising and automating operations for all stakeholders.

“We’re delighted to close this round, amidst still difficult funding conditions with great growth and business partners. This will enable us to move into new markets and add asset classes to the platform.”

Julien De Mayer, Fundcraft founder and CEO.

With significant traction in the market since its inception in 2021, Fundcraft plans to leverage the Series A funding to expand its product offerings and market reach. The company aims to address new markets beyond Luxembourg, including Spain and Germany. It plans to explore additional asset classes beyond its current focus on Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Fund of Funds.

Doubling down on growth

The Series A funding will serve as a catalyst for Fundcraft to expedite its initiatives in digitising and optimising fund administration operations. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Fundcraft is poised to drive its growth trajectory forward.

While the company’s services are positioned to disrupt traditional incumbents within the industry, it is the innovative utilisation of advanced technology that will significantly enhance their digitisation efforts.

“We can now double down on growing this business, investing faster in digitizing and streamlining fund administration operations, making them accessible, efficient, and transparent through our single platform.”

Olga Porro, co-founder and CPO.

Strategic collaboration for success

The partnership between Fundcraft and its investors transcends mere financial support. Aperture Capital, a strategic partner in the funding round, is playing a crucial role in refining Fundcraft’s go-to-market strategy and execution. Additionally, SIX Fintech Ventures, renowned for its proficiency in nurturing early-stage startups, will bring valuable insights and support to Fundcraft’s expansion efforts.

“We believe fundcraft has the right model to transform asset servicing. We’re delighted to be extending our collaboration with the fundcraft team.”

Ben Robinson, CEO of Aperture Group.

As Fundcraft embarks on its next phase of growth and innovation, the Series A funding marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey. With a clear vision for the future and strong support from its investors, Fundcraft is set to disrupt the asset management industry and drive positive change in fund administration practices worldwide.

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