Fundvis Raises €470k, Bob Kneip Joins Board

Leonhard Kossmann, CEO of Fundvis (Photo © Fundvis)

CEO Leonhard Kossmann explains the capital raised by Fundvis will be utilised to support its ambitious growth initiatives, enabling the company to expand its market reach and enhance its offerings. Bob Kneip, Martin Vogel and Alessia Lorenti join as investors and board members.

On 7th May, Fundvis, the Luxembourgish SaaS financial data management platform, marked a significant milestone by completing its first funding round of €470k. With this capital, Fundvis is poised to transform the fund industry through digitalisation and automation.

“We are very excited and proud to announce the successful completion of our first funding round, welcoming legends of the fund and finance market in the advisory board and cap-table of Fundvis. Their investments underscore the confidence they have in our potential and solution, which will profit tremendously from the experience and counsel of the new shareholders.” 

Leonhard Kossmann, founder Fundvis.

As a startup member of the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT), Fundvis is dedicated to simplifying fund management processes for AIFMs and other stakeholders in the financial sector. By leveraging advanced software solutions, Fundvis aims to streamline complex operations, ensuring real-time compliance and efficiency.

Backing from industry titans

The infusion of capital comes from a consortium of three angel investors and three family offices, each expressing unwavering confidence in Fundvis and its mission to revolutionise fund workflows. Notably, four of these investors, including luminaries like Bob Kneip, Olivier Renault, and Martin Vogel, have joined Fundvis’s advisory board, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise.

“I strongly believe Fundvis is a cutting-edge solution to allow the alternative investment funds industry players to enhance their operational and cost efficiency, while reducing risks, through automation and digitalization.” 

Alessia Lorenti, Fundvis investor, board member and advisor.
From left to right, Leonhard Kossmann, Martin Vogel, Alessia Lorenti, and Bob Kneip.

With a focus on developing new tools and solutions, including modules for regulatory frameworks like the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), Fundvis is poised to drive positive change in the finance world. The latest round of funding will fuel Fundvis’s ambitious growth initiatives, enabling the company to expand its market reach and enhance its innovative offerings.

“I am very excited to be an investor in Fundvis. The continued cost pressure in the asset management industry and the ongoing shortage of qualified professionals force all service providers to further automate and facilitate internal processes and procedures lower costs and strengthen service quality. Fundvis is a perfect partner to achieve these goals.”

Martin Vogel, investor and member of Fundvis’ advisory board.

Fundvis is committed to driving the digital transformation of the fund industry, positioning Luxembourg as a global hub for investment funds. With a focus on sustainability and compliance, Fundvis is poised to shape the future of finance, one innovative solution at a time.

Looking ahead, the company’s long-term goals include maximising automation, revolutionising financial data management, and maintaining its position as a leader in the industry.

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