GAMMA AR Sets Sights on US Market

Caner Dolas and Jayan Jevanesan are the co-founders of Gamma Technologies, which launched in 2019. (© Gamma Technologies)

Launched in 2019 by Caner Dolas and Jayan Jevanesan, GAMMA AR technology is expanding its reach, hoping to tackle US markets in 2024. 

GAMMA AR technology allows users to superimpose images from a device onto a construction site, allowing for more intuitive site supervision and helping to detect potential issues in advance of significant costs adding up. 

Since its launch in 2019, there have been plenty of updates, including partnerships with major companies, like Autodesk, Revizto, and Procore, plus a €1m raising of funds by Swedish company Husqvarna in 2021. 

“We’ve had a really good partnership with Autodesk, for example, which is a major software player in the industry, and we are definitely driving this more forward,” Dolas explains, adding they’re about to release product extensions for GAMMA AR which go into progress tracking so GAMMA AR data can be mapped to, for example, costs and schedules, leading to further optimisations. “We’re able then to extract a lot more initial knowledge, which goes into automation, issue prevention, and ensuring that processes are optimised.”

Sixfold growth

The co-founders say they’ve had sixfold growth from 2022 to 2023 and, while other companies struggled during the covid-19 pandemic, “it wasn’t really a problem for us,” Jevanesan says. “We used the opportunity to develop our software, and we really started targeting markets after the pandemic.” 

The work paid off: in addition to local companies using their technology–including CFL, along with other rail operators within the Greater Region—they’ve found customers as far as Thailand, working on one of the largest construction projects there, although the co-founders couldn’t reveal specifics due to non-disclosure agreements. 

The technology has applications used beyond construction, including pharma, car manufacturing, rail and more. The co-founders add that being active at international trade fairs, including Autodesk University or BIM World Munich, for example, has helped them establish credibility and attract new customers.  

The team also recently moved out of the House of Startups and into its own office premises in the Gare district.  

Outlook 2024

For 2024, the co-founders hope to focus more on the US market. “It’s a huge market, we need to get that. Plus they’re very fast in deciding things, something we can utilise,” explains Dolas.

This January, Gamma AR also began a new research project with the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) at the University of Luxembourg. “With the university, we’ll be researching vision-based, simultaneous localisation and mapping, and its alignment with the real world, using BIM [building information modeling],” explains Jevanesan, although the co-founder couldn’t go into more detail.

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