Gcore And NHN Cloud Partner To Drive Cloud And Edge Innovation Globally

Pictured Donghooom Kim, CEO at NHN Cloud and Andre Reitenbach, CEO at Gcore (Photo © Gcore)

Gcore, a European provider of cloud and edge solutions, and NHN Cloud, a subsidiary of South Korean technology giant NHN Group, have announced a strategic partnership.

Under the memorandum of understanding, Gcore’s cloud services will be made available to enterprises in Asia Pacific through NHN Cloud, while Gcore will act as NHN Cloud’s strategic partner in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The two companies will also collaborate on commercial initiatives and jointly develop new solutions.

NHN Group is best known for its online gaming portal Hangame, which has over 37 million members in South Korea, making it the country’s largest gaming portal. Meanwhile, Gcore has origins in the gaming industry, building a high-performing, high-speed content delivery network to deliver heavy video and games content under peak loads. Today, Gcore’s CDN is relied upon by enterprise-level businesses across various industries.

The partnership will allow NHN Cloud to expand its customer base across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, while Gcore will gain a partner with a market-leading position in Asia Pacific. Both companies have a shared desire to drive innovation in the areas of edge and cloud computing, and the partnership will allow them to create compelling new propositions for their customers.

NHN Cloud is a subsidiary of NHN Group, which runs a number of other high-profile internet businesses, including NHN Payco, a payment gateway and digital wallet service, and FashionGo, an online marketplace for fashion wholesalers and retailers. This stable of companies presents a powerful advantage to NHN Cloud in that it can test and improve services with sister companies before rolling them out to other business customers.

Gcore has been building Europe’s most powerful and extensive edge and cloud services for nearly ten years. Today, Gcore’s infrastructure includes 140 points of presence on six continents and benefits from more than 11,000 peering partners, making it the ideal network for businesses with low-latency, high-performance use cases. The partnership with NHN Cloud will allow Gcore to drive growth in the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

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