Gentleman Ramoneur: A Wind Of Innovation In The Chimney

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Founded last summer, Gentleman Ramoneur‘s aims to modernize the Luxembourg chimney sweeping sector with its digital and simplified customer relations solutions, ecological chimney sweeping services and concrete action favouring reforestation in Luxembourg.

The startup accompanies households, companies and professionals in the country in their efforts to achieve energy efficiency, budget savings and legal compliance.

“We bring a refreshing experience to the business thanks to the digitalization of booking and billing, the clean and innovative technique of rotary sweeping from below and a strong ecological commitment in partnership with ‘Natur & Emwelt’,” explains their founder and manager Régis de Loizellerie.

Sweeping regulations

Régis points out that the vast majority of buildings in Luxembourg are equipped with individual or collective boilers, and that they are subject to the obligation to sweep the flue pipes, in addition to the annual maintenance by the heating engineers.

“There is an urban legend that annual chimney sweeping is not a legal obligation in Luxembourg, unlike in France, Germany or Belgium. However, the municipal regulations of the vast majority of the country’s cities require it at least every year,” says Régis de Loizellerie.

The startup’s offer therefore includes online appointment scheduling, a cleaning service using the bottom sweeping technique, as well as automated documents and formalities related to the intervention (intervention reports, certificates and invoices).

“We are in podium position in the SERP for the top 5 strategic keywords of our activity.”

Régis de Loizellerie

100 customers in 1 month

1 month after its launch, the startup is already celebrating its 100th customer – putting it ahead of its business case!

The company is looking for new collaborators to meet this demand and to expand throughout the country. Faced with the lack of candidates in the sector, Régis de Loizellerie reminds young people looking for a career path that “rotary technology has greatly modernized and reduced the drudgery of the profession”.

What digital solutions are you using to break into this traditionally manual sector?

First of all, we offer an online reservation service, which is unique in Luxembourg and is just starting in France. For this, we chose Gazoleen, a software from a French startup created by former electricians and plumbers.

The idea is to optimize the main cost items that weigh on the P&L of home services such as chimney sweeping.

Available by subscription, the software offers an online agenda, with booking and route optimization functionalities based on appointments already booked.

Thanks to the route optimizer, I save at least 30% on my kilometers driven and therefore on my gasoline expenses.

Today, my religion is made, and I am a firm believer in Wix. This platform is really the friend of entrepreneurs and takes them by the hand in a breathtaking educational way; no wonder it is a unicorn by its valuation; it had moreover Luxembourgish roots via one of its shareholders, Mangrove who had spotted it very early and led it to its IPO. Gazoleen is integrated in this platform.

Finally, for our natural referencing, Semrush, helps us to monitor our positioning on the most searched keywords in Luxembourg.

Today I am proud to announce that we are in podium position in the SERP for the top 5 strategic keywords of our activity, all this after only a few weeks. But of course, all this is monitored and maintained.

I would add that our advertising budget is very modest and that we allocate it for the moment to Google Ads and Facebook Ads, to target intentionalists around the fireplace and chimney sweeping.

The sources of reservation come to 50% from Google in organic and sponsored, and the rest in direct access.

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