Gonuggets Partners With Post Luxembourg

Gonuggets was founded in 2022 by Mamoun Benkirane and Mekki Mouaddeb, pictured (Photo © Gonuggets)

Luxembourg e-commerce accelerator Gonuggets has expanded its European logistic network after partnering with Post Luxembourg.

The strategic partnership with the postal and logistics services provider means that Gonuggets’ partner brands can leverage Post’s European logistics network.

Gonuggets was founded in Luxembourg in 2022 to help digitally native brand owners grow their brands and launch new products. It does this by buying partners’ inventory and managing and investing in growing their brand on a global scale. 

“We have come to realise that logistics is a critical pain point for scaling on marketplaces,” said Gonuggets co-founder and COO Mekki Mouaddeb, adding: “This partnership will aid us in addressing the need for a scalable logistics solution that reduces dependency on marketplace fulfilment programs.”

Established by former employees of e-commerce giants Amazon and Jumia, Mamoun Benkirane and Mekki Mouaddeb, the startup has raised a seven-figure sum in a pre-seed funding round led by the Digital Tech Fund.

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