Goodyear Inaugurates Simulation Center In Colmar-Berg

Rutger Uil, principal engineer vehicle dynamics (Photo © Goodyear)

On 26th March, Goodyear inaugurated its simulation center in Luxembourg. The center aims to boost collaboration with OEMs enhance tire performance, and save up to 13,000 tires per iteration.

In a significant stride towards redefining tire design, innovation, and development globally, the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company has unveiled its state-of-the-art simulation center in Luxembourg. The official inauguration ceremony was held in Colmar-Berg, displaying the VI-Grade DiM250 DYNAMIC driving simulator. 

“The opening of our industry-leading Simulation Center in Luxembourg displays Goodyear’s commitment to investing in and shaping the future of mobility. Our virtual tire development team has run numerous projects with the leading OEMs from Europe, the US and China.” 

Romain Hansen, Vice President of EMEA Product Development at Goodyear
DiM250 Driving Simulator
DiM250 Driving Simulator

The simulator uses cutting-edge technology to elevate Goodyear’s collaboration with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and enhance tire performance to unprecedented levels through tailored product development. 

This project enables Goodyear’s team to test virtual concept tires for automobile models that are yet to be designed, thus, accelerating production timelines and allowing seamless alignment with the distinct requirements of each vehicle. 

“I am delighted that Luxembourg has been chosen as the site in Europe for the expansion of this project, which was initially launched in the USA, as it fits perfectly with our vision of making Luxembourg an internationally recognised platform for sustainable industrial excellence, thanks to innovative digital solutions. “

Lex Delles, Minister of the Economy, SME, Energy and Tourism

Driving sustainable impact

Goodyear’s vision is committed to delivering safety, wellness, and sustainability. By harnessing the power of simulation, the company aims to reduce physical tire production, streamline the manufacturing process, enable innovation, and expedite approvals for development. 

Goodyear estimates to save 13,000 tires and 97,500 kilometres of physical testing with the current project. This supports the company’s dedication to minimising environmental impact while maximising efficacy in the system. 

Previously, Goodyear has already delivered on a successful project with Maserati to produce bespoke tires for the Gran Turismo 2023, and the simulation center now aims to support tailormade tire solutions for OEMs across the world.

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