“Grow With Google” – Google’s And The House Of Entrepreneurship’s Program For Businesses

The Benelux branch of the Internet giant and the House of Entrepreneurship are launching a new training and awareness program about the digital transition of SMEs and VSEs.

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Three and a half years after the launch of “Go Digital”, its program to support companies in their digital transformation, the House of Entrepreneurship (part of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce) has joined forces with Google Luxembourg to offer new online workshops dedicated to SMEs.

Participatory Process

This collaboration with the Internet giant, a first in the Grand Duchy, offers digital workshops for the creation of an online store, a website, or learning about natural referencing (SEO).

“These free one-hour workshops, open to all, are offered in French, English and German,” says the House of Entrepreneurship. “This collaboration is the result of a participatory process involving Google as part of the digital awareness campaign for businesses and entrepreneurs.

At the launch of the new concept, Carlo Thelen, Director General of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, reflected on the success of “Go digital”, which recorded more than 7,000 participants in the sessions offered and 340 vouchers of 5,000 euros issued by the Ministry of Economy. “With ‘Grow with Google‘, we want to target more companies in the future,” he added. More than 2,000 SMEs are targeted.

“The evolution of digital is a key contributor to economic resilience.”

A Safety Net

“Digitization for the sake of digitization does not help much. Companies must first understand the improvements it can bring them: whether it is digital invoicing, digital visibility to increase its competitiveness, or to improve or adapt its internal processes,” said Lex Delles, Minister of Middle Classes.

“In this context, Google France associates digital with a safety net; digital has indeed played a role of shock absorber during the Covid-19 crisis. And it is now supporting businesses in this period of recovery.”

“The ‘Grow with Google’ program offers higher revenues, a stronger customer base and significantly improved prospects in an increasingly digital European market,” added Thierry Geerts, Country Manager Google Belux. “To help the digital resistant, policymakers and business leaders must create solutions and invest in education and training to give small businesses access to digital skills.”

Contributing To Economic Resilience

According to Thierry Geerts, the digital transformation of society and businesses is leading to an unprecedented paradigm shift; and companies that have integrated digital tools are, for the most part, showing remarkable success.

“The health crisis has also accelerated digitalization. Sectors that have been able to adapt have been able to considerably cushion the impact of the crisis, if not take advantage of it. Thus, the evolution of digital is a key contributor to economic resilience,” he concluded.

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