HE:AL Campus Master Plan Unveiled

from left to right: Romain Poulles, administrator HE :AL Campus S.A.; Franz Fayot, economy minister Jean-Paul Scheuren, administrator HE :AL Campus S.A. (Photo © Ministry of Economy)

The master plan for the development of the upcoming “Health And Lifescience Innovation (HE:AL) Campus” was just unveiled. According to the plan it aims to balance the reuse of existing resources with the regeneration of nature on the site.

Entitled “towards a regenerative Campus”, the master plan was unveiled by the project managers in the presence of economy minister Franz Fayot, the president of the intercommunal syndicate ZARE, Simone Asselborn-Bintz, the mayor of the City of Esch-sur-Alzette, Georges Mischoas well as the mayor of Monderconage and the administrators of the upcoming campus.

Located on the site of the ZARE intercommunal union “A Sommet” on an area of ​​nearly 2.4 hectares, the future campus will be located between the House of BioHealth, the future SüdSpidol of CHEM and the Cité des Sciences of Belval.

The proximity between these will support increased collaboration between research, healthtech innovation and the medical world, stimulating the growth of Luxembourg’s healthtech sector, one of the main objectives of the project.

Developed through a partnership between the HE:AL Campus SA and the intercommunal union ZARE, and facilitated by the Ministry of the Economy, the “master plan” that was eventually chosen was the one proposed by A2M-EFFEKT and assisted by the BEST design office. 

A2M is present in Brussels, New York, Luxembourg and Lisbon, and is renowned for its expertise in the field of sustainable architecture by exclusively developing passive, sustainable, circular, zero energy and CO2-neutral buildings.

At the end of the public presentation of the plan for the future “HE:AL campus”, the economy minister and the managers of the HE:AL Campus SA company, signed a memorandum of understanding relating to the completion of the project and the development of the campus.

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