How Far Would You Walk For A Free Beer? Introducing Luxembourg Startup No Big Deal

It is one of Luxembourg’s latest apps. The least we can say is that the founders of the startup No Big Deal put you to the test if you want to get the rewards of your favorite brands! Co-founder Nigel Bergstra gives us a sneak preview of what the application has in store for you.

Photo: No Big Deal co-founders Nigel Bergstra, Daniel Klemetz and Wojciech Szejerka / Credits © No Big Deal

Tell us about No Big Deal.

What if your favourite restaurant challenged you to walk 10,000 steps for a complimentary beverage? How about if a local sport centre offered you a free trial for completing 30,000 steps this week? These are just two examples of the kind of challenges that await you in the No Big Deal mobile application, which has just been launched this week.

No Big Deal enables businesses of any size to incentivize their customers with exciting rewards. As a user, you’ll be greeted with pictures of exclusive rewards to explore from the moment you open the app. The catch? You’ll need to work for them.

Let’s say you love fashion, and discover that a local retailer is offering an exclusive discount within the No Big Deal app. To earn this reward, you will need to complete the associated wellbeing challenge: hit the target step-count within the time limit.

When victory is achieved, you will receive a QR code or e-coupon to redeem the reward. All that’s left to do is to redeem it, feel healthy, and enjoy the sweet reward, because you deserve it.

How did you come up with the idea?

As with many ideas, this one started with Tinder! Not the way you think though, we were having a coffee and discussing how the most popular apps (such as Tinder) activate innate human instinct. We wanted to create something that also accomplishes this goal, but by appealing to our instinctive drives for exploration, discovery, and achievement. We founded No Big Deal to bring out the explorer, the treasure hunter in all of us, and incentivise community wellbeing in the process.

What is the product/service?

The No Big Deal platform is composed of a mobile app for users and an online portal for our business partners.

The business portal enables brands to create their own challenges, manage their marketing campaign, and track progress in real time. The process has been designed for scalability, meaning it is entirely self-service, quick, and intuitive.

Once a business has uploaded a reward and created the associated challenge, it becomes available to users in the mobile application. They browse through exclusive rewards which have been uploaded by brands and select the one they want to earn. Once users complete it, rewards are automatically generated in the form of either e-coupons (for online redemption) or QR codes (for in-person redemption). Businesses can redeem the codes using a mobile app linked to the business portal, which scans the QR codes from users and enables businesses to track conversions in real-time.

What is your business model?

The application has been developed from the ground up to create a journey and sense of achievement around the rewards. Not only is this great for users, it is the perfect way for brands to create engaging, supportive experiences for consumers while promoting their products or services.

No Big Deal offers access to the business portal through a SaaS subscription model. For users, our unique approach means no ads, higher-value rewards, and they get to interact with brands that support their wellbeing.

Who are your users?

If you are reading this, then you are! We have been busy getting a variety of rewards so there is something for everyone, and it’s entirely free (and it always will be). The app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Who are your partner brands?

We have partnered with dozens of brands in Luxembourg, including some well-known restaurants, retail stores, various sports gyms, delivery services, local producers, and retail shops; this list is growing by the day. If you want to create a challenge for your brand, simply sign up via our website. We are always available to guide you through the campaign creation.

What’s next?

New rewards, more challenges – anyone need an incentive to sleep? We will be continuously refining the application and bringing new features, while expanding our focus beyond Luxembourg as we approach 2021. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook @TheRealNoBigDeal to see new rewards and follow the journey!

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