How To Promote Yourself And Reach Influencers?

Last year Rhett Power – the aptly named ! – delivered a “Power­‐Full” Show” and we were really honored to have him as a guest speaker and to learn more about how he set up one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S., Wild Creations.

But he never took a rest for all that and didn’t rest on his laurels. “Last year was a busy year. I finished a book and I did a lot of writing for national publications in the US on business – Inc., LinkedIn, Success Magazine to name a few. The business is also growing and I don’t know how it all stayed together but we managed it!”, Rhett confided.

This year he came back for a few days to participate for the second time to an event hosted by the U.S. Embassy and we were delighted to welcome him again this Wednesday for an exclusive business-breakfast. Rhett Power delivered an extremely interactive workshop about how to market yourself and your brand in today’s crowded digital environment and how to reach influencers.

He spoke from experience and his advice amazed the audience. It must be said self-promotion seems to have been invented by the Americans! In today’s world, people identified most of the companies to their founders and their active online presence is a key point of the digital strategy. “People have to stand out and have a brand to build their business and their influence. How I build mine? It’s a mix of old fashioned ways like writing letters or thank you notes and new trendy ways with a strong presence on the social networks. Specifically I use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook the most.” And to conclude he mentioned what could be an adage “It all depends on what your objective is and whom you need to reach.”  

Then, Rhett Power took the opportunity to encourage the attending entrepreneurs to build their own brand. “It’s essential to get ahead in your profession, in your career whether you work for someone or whether you are an entrepreneur.” And there are quite simple things to do. “Make sure your platforms and all of your social media have the same look and are updated with very fresh and good content. Then, think about how to reach influencers. You need to like and follow thee, support and share their content. Don’t hesitate to contact them and to ask them question. Let them know who you are and what you have to offer. I know someone who sent 15 letters to Warren Buffet just to schedule a business lunch. The 16th letter has been the good one and he got that lunch. Be persevering!”

To the question “Is Rhett Power a brand” he answered tit for tat “Yes Rhett Power is a brand. So are you. So everybody else.” In a society where social networks have taken an important place in our lives, managing its own image seems to have become the norm.

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