ICFA 2023 Cohort: Six Fund Managers Join The Climate Finance Accelerator

From left to right: Jekabs Vinaud (Senior Analyst), Laurence Hulin (Principal), Stephan Peters (CEO & Managing Director) (© ICFA)

The International Climate Finance Accelerator Luxembourg (ICFA) announced the members of its 2023 Cohort. The fund managers have been selected for their dedication to addressing climate change and driving positive impact globally.

Selected from 46 applications, the most competitive cohort to date, the following six fund managers will take part in the ICFA’s unique two-year accelerator programme for fund managers in the climate action sector.

Annycent Capital is a market facilitator designed to fill a market gap and accelerate the redeployment of capital to renewable energy projects, notably solar, hydro and wind power plants, located in emerging countries. Annycent deploys an innovative strategy to catalyze sector growth and achieve measured, positive, environmental and social impact that contributes to climate change mitigation.

BEYOND FINANCE CONSULTING LTD (Hong Kong) supports companies addressing the specific needs of women in their resilience to climate change with adequate funding, technical assistance and guidance to improve gender equality. We focus on frontier sectors in access to water, sustainable agriculture, access to clean energy, and financial inclusion in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Catalyst Investment Management is a pioneering renewable energy and climate infrastructure equity fund manager in the Middle East and North Africa region. Catalyst primarily invests in renewable energy, energy storage/energy efficiency, and solar-driven water treatment projects and platforms

Cycle Group invests in technology ventures to enable the transition to net zero with an aim to half emissions by 2030 for broad applications in energy transmission and energy efficiency, industrial sector coupling, and advanced manufacturing including new, more efficient semiconductor and power electronics technologies.

Ship2B Ventures is backing bold climate innovation with the largest transformative impact potential to limit global climate warming to 1.5º by 2050. Their focus is on three core systems across Europe: how we live, how we eat and how we make things.

SVX MX / SVX México is women-led impact investing firm that works in Mexico and Latin America. Its mission is to ensure that capital serves life instead of governing it. They support the regenerative transition for rural communities through nature-based solutions, that enhance biodiversity and contribute to the climate resilience of Mexican ecosystems.

“The ICFA eagerly anticipates collaborating with these fund managers in tackling the planet’s most pressing issue: climate change. With their diverse expertise and innovative approaches, the cohort members are poised to make a significant positive impact in addressing climate challenges and driving sustainable change. The ICFA remains committed to supporting their efforts and looks forward to witnessing their transformative work in action.”

Jekabs Vinauds, Senior Analyst ICFA

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