Inside CES 2020, Day 2: Trends, Highlights And Anecdotes by Koosmik

Every day, Koosmik‘s team unveils the best moments of the CES from the inside. Through a mobile app Koosmik offers a free mobile-based financial services platform that allows both individuals and professionals to hold and manage an electronic account, real-time money transfers, process any type of payment, access a large network of partners and participate in a loyalty programme; a distinctive mobile banking experience from any connected device.
by: Koosmik
photo: Koosmik
featured: Brian Bordley (Skydeck Berkeley) on Koosmik’s both at CES 2020

Robosen – Transformers in real life?

Make life more interesting – that is the company’s slogan. And we believe them. The T9 is an intelligent transforming robot, which have could have been the offspring of a Michael Bay movie. Even if it is not called Optimus Prime, we are a big fan of it. It’s entirely customizable as you can easily 3D program unique actions to make it fun and educational at the same time.

On top of that, a built-in camera and AI voice interaction can let you interact with friends and family. Cool gadget!

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BassMe – Don’t just listen. Feel the sound.

With a subwoofer on your chest, BassMe propels the sound into your body the way it was intended to be experienced by combining a state-of-the-art sound wave and vibration system. Designed to be worn with headphones or even with a VR kit, BassMe helps you feel the audio, rather than just listen to it.

This brings your senses a new dimension, so the music feels pumpier, movies seem more immersive, and those gunshots and car engines in your games really feel believable!

Issued from the French Tech, this promising company has been rewarded with a CES Innovation Awards Honoree prize.

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@Luxembourg Pavillon

On Fire! Ibisa, a next-gen agriculture insurance startup, has been selected among the Top 12 pitches and moves on to the final round! #proud

Bad Beat! Luxfactory startups waking up at 5:00 am two days in a row in order to pitch for 60 seconds at Village Francophone. #startuplife #nodaysoff #elevatorpitch

Ping-pong match – Human vs. AI Robot

Ksenija Milicevic and Claude Grunitzky (Koosmik)
Ksenija Milicevic and Claude Grunitzky (Koosmik)
Lunch time for Ibisa's team
Lunch time for Ibisa’s team

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