InspireFirst.Consulting: Putting Talent First

Marco Houwen, pictured, is an advisor, serial entrepreneur and founder of leadership training organisation Zentrapreneur (Photo © Zentrapreneur)

Developed by serial entrepreneur Marco Houwen and HR expert and business psychologist Jil Haberstig, InspireFirst.Consulting is a talent retention programme designed to help companies create committed talent.

As the talent crisis rages on, companies are struggling to find, retain and motivate talent. InspireFirst.Consulting offers a comprehensive 6-month programme that aims to change this. 

“With InspireFirst.Consulting, we are offering organisations a cutting-edge talent retention solution that focuses first on the creation of an inspired company culture essential to both, avoid employee churn, and prepare your organisation to enlist new talent,” said Jil  Haberstig, senior advisor of ZentraGlobal.

The programme includes inspiration coaching, personal leadership workshops and impact huddles among others, all of which are aimed at creating a company culture which fosters talent retention and motivation.

“[…] continuous success can only be guaranteed when founders and CEOs find it in themselves”

Marco Houwen, Founder of Zentra Global

For more details on the different pillars see below.

● Inspiration Coaching: Expert coaches work one-on-one with key leaders to support them to embrace intention as the goto for company performance, to (re)kindle inspiration as an everyday tool for themself and others and to enhance their impact on people in the organisation

● Personal Leadership Workshops: Interactive workshops that empower everybody in the company with the mindset and blueprint needed to act as inspired leaders, promoting a culture of collaboration, innovation, and growth within the organisation

● Impact Huddles: Small groups allowing to deepen the implementation, clarify opportunities for growth and support each other in the execution of the mindset and the blueprint

“In today’s complex business environment, continuous success can only be guaranteed when founders and CEOs find it in themselves to share their innate inspiration with all stakeholders,” said Marco Houwen, CEO of ZentraGlobal.

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