Keep Contact Launches Saaskia™ With ChatGPT

Keep Contact, an e-monitoring and information processing agency, has introduced a new version of Saaskia™ that incorporates ChatGPT’s generative AI.

This groundbreaking innovation marks a significant milestone for Luxembourg, propelling the agency’s international expansion.

In 2020, Keep Contact disrupted the field of e-monitoring with Saaskia™, a powerful tool for business intelligence. The following year, they released a SaaS version, empowering clients to manage their own monitoring, personalized press reviews, and analyses.

In 2023, Keep Contact continues its pioneering efforts by integrating ChatGPT into Saaskia™. However, the agency emphasizes that the intention is not to replace humans, but to surpass quality standards and prioritize initiative, creativity, and intellectual agility in their client relationships.

Accompanying this innovation are value-added services for companies utilizing Saaskia™. Multilingual summaries cater to client needs, with automatic translation from French or German to English, and additional languages in the pipeline.

Saaskia™ users can generate concise summaries for social media, receive suggestions for original information processing, and access arguments to enrich their reflections or sales presentations.

“By injecting generative AI into Saaskia™, the ambition is not to automate everything or replace humans. On the contrary, our goal is to go beyond quality standards, where initiative, creativity, and intellectual agility are more than ever essential qualities. Human relationships are also at the heart of our client relationships. They cement our ecosystem to which we are deeply committed,” explains Ludivine Plessy, CEO of Keep Contact.

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