LetzAI Wants To Become The Dominant Luxembourg AI Model

Misch Strotz, co-founder and CEO of LetzAI and Neon Internet (© Neon Internet)

LetzAI is Luxembourg’s first local AI image generator, allowing users to generate highly personalized images of their local environment, their friends, and themselves. Misch Strotz, CEO and co-founder tells us more about his newest platform. 

When AI tools such as ChatGPT and Midjourney were first released in 2022, Neon Internet’s co-founder and CEO Misch Strotz counselled caution.

“At first I was calling out for regulation because I was concerned for how these tools could change the marketing and creative industry,” explains Misch. 

However, as the months passed and Misch and his team delved further into these new tools, they changed their stance. 

“The decision we made over the course of last year was that we did not want to be bystanders in this new change but we wanted to be the ones who actually build such tools and influence the industry in a leading way.”

Misch Strotz, CEO and co-founder of LetzAI

Fast forward to July 2023 and Neon Internet’s co-founders Misch Strotz and Karim Youssef officially founded LetzAI, the company’s flagship AI product. Unlike other AI image tools, LetzAI allows users to generate highly personalized images like those of their friends, the village they grew up in or their favourite drinks for example.

Beyond AI image generation

For the moment, LetzAI offers users the choice between creating a public model (accessible to everyone) and a private model with the help of prompts formulated in English (Luxembourgish will be added later). Both models are moderated by the LetzAI team so that only the people who actually own the right to the image are able to train the model.

“In the first stage, the platform allows you to generate images that are fun but can also be used in marketing campaigns or social media, grabbing attention in a funny way. Later, we have a vision that goes beyond simple image generation and incorporates interesting licencing models, but I don’t want to spoil too many details on this just yet,” explains Misch. 

Currently, LetzAI is being trialled as a “local AI model”, however, this is merely the first step for the team.

“We don’t just want to stick with images in the future but we may want to integrate audio and video and maybe soon already some social interaction features,” explains Misch

A Luxembourg AI model

Since Monday, the tool is available to the public for 99€. This Kickstarter-style fee will be available to everyone until LetzAI has had some time to gauge the public’s response, adapt the tool and get some brands, sponsors and investors on board.

While the tool is still in its early stages, it has already created significant buzz online. Looking forward, the team aims to use this momentum to establish itself as the leading local AI model and become known across the borders of the Duchy.

“This time next year, we want to run the Luxembourg AI model and be accepted locally by the public and brands. We have ambitions to go abroad, but we don’t want to touch other areas before we have conquered the Luxembourgish market,” says Misch.

To sign up for the platform, see here.

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