LIST Signs Agreement With Raith To Bring Landmark Nano-Imaging Instrument To Global Market

From left to right: Dr Damien Lenoble (Director of the materials department, LIST), Dirk Fransaer (Director general ad interim, LIST), Ulrich Mantz (CTO, Raith) (© LIST)

10 years in the making, LIST’s award-winning nano-imaging instrument magSIMS will be brought to market with the prominent German manufacturer Raith. Both parties also announced the opening of a joint lab. 

Hailed as a “breakthrough instrument”, the magSIMS (a Magnetic Sector Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry system), developed by LIST researchers, gives the ability to not only view objects in the minutest details but also to produce chemical composition information simultaneously.

“The partnership and subsequent commercialization of magSIMS represent significant achievements for LIST and Luxembourg, as the technology will be now deployed worldwide thanks to our trusted partner Raith. This perfectly illustrates LIST’s core mission of leveraging early-stage research to develop unique capabilities and enhance the maturity of proprietary technologies over time.”

Dr Damien Lenoble, Director of the materials department at LIST

Energy, consumer electrics & more

In the last two years, Raith and LIST have engaged in active collaboration on nano-analytics, building a solid rapport. The current partnership extends beyond manufacturing to joint research, shared lab establishment, and global instrument maintenance post-installation.

The applications of magSIMS are wide and varied, ranging from the analysis of complex 3D architectures to photovoltaics, high-resolution chemical analyses of biological samples, and beyond.

“The impending changes in technologies, particularly those driving transitions in sectors such as energy, consumer electronics, and mobility, make magSIMS particularly attractive as a versatile instrumentation tool,” said Dr Damien Lenoble.

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