Luxembourg Takes 12 Startups Ready To VivaTech

Luxembourg took 12 startups to this year’s VivaTech conference (© VivaTech).

Spanning across AI, fintech, space technology, & beyond, a pavilion of Luxembourg’s 12 dynamic startups are ready to showcase their innovation prowess at France’s premier tech fair VivaTech.

Every year, Luxembourg’s brightest and hottest startups reach the renowned VivaTech conference in Paris to showcase what they’re building. Attendees are invited to reveal their innovative projects, showcase groundbreaking solutions, and expand their professional networks while generating valuable leads.

Previous editions of the event have drawn notable figures from the realms of politics and business, including French President Emmanuel Macron, tech luminaries such as Mark Zuckerberg, Satya Nadella, and Tim Cook, as well as influential leaders like Jack Ma, Justin Trudeau, and Elon Musk. 

Esteemed speakers like Bernard Arnault, Dan Schulman, and Christel Heydemann have also graced the event, making it a gathering of some of the most prominent minds in the world.

Luxembourg at VivaTech 2024


ClimateCamp is a cutting-edge SaaS platform for the food and beverage industry, providing unprecedented transparency and actionable insights into emissions. 

It simplifies emissions management, enabling collaboration between companies and suppliers to achieve net-zero targets and meet regulatory requirements. specialises in optimising neural networks, particularly in autonomous driving and Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS), leveraging its deep expertise in AI and LLM applications. 

By identifying inefficiencies in neural network pipelines, the company has pioneered a technology that maintains accuracy, ushering in a new era of performance in the automotive industry.


FabstWines is a community-driven platform that aims to redefine wine selection and improve business decision-making for Winemakers. 

Using customer data, FabstWines helps winemakers reduce waste, meet their economic goals, explore interesting markets, and become more sustainable.


Neurabody is an AI/ML posture science platform designed to monitor and analyse user data to provide tailored pain interventions. 

With a focus on enhancing corporate productivity, reducing discomfort, and promoting healthy living, Neurabody offers a diverse array of customised solutions complemented by gamified rewards.


Hubfinance serves as a strategic marketing partner, specialising in fostering closer connections with key players in wealth management. 

A business enabler, it facilitates collaboration among family offices, multi-managers, wealth managers, private bankers, life insurers, and distribution platforms, accelerating growth for ambitious teams.


Jobfirst is a groundbreaking platform transforming the recruitment landscape by prioritising user experience and employing an advanced skill-matching process. 

Redefining industry standards, and how companies and jobseekers interact, Jobfirst focuses on improving optimal user experience and an advanced skill-matching process. 


MarketLeap is a pioneering e-commerce operating technology that helps brands sell better on marketplaces like Amazon. 

By leveraging AI, MarketLeap reduces and manages all the complexities of selling and growing on marketplaces worldwide for businesses of all kinds and sizes. 

Next Gate Tech

Next Gate Tech automates data management and analytics for fund operations. Utilising cutting-edge technology, the company consolidates disparate data sources into a unified, independent platform, empowering clients to streamline their daily operations. 

Its SaaS solution offers harmonised datasets, delivering actionable insights for NAV oversight, risk analytics, investment management, compliance, and ESG applications. 


Rafinex is an innovative software company dedicated to providing advanced numerical algorithms for robust design optimisation. 

Unlike conventional tools, Rafinex addresses real-world variability by integrating uncertainty quantification methods and manufacturability considerations. Their flagship product, the Stochastic Topology Optimizer, delivered as a scalable SaaS solution, has garnered acclaim, earning the prestigious Best Young Tech Enterprise award at Hannover Messe in 2019.


Seturon is a platform with seasoned methodologists, educators, marketers, and IT and AI professionals with over 10 years of experience in creating and delivering tailored education. 

Powered by a unique platform, Seturon offers comprehensive e-learning solutions for the European market.


Videobot offers new-age solutions in interactive video creation through short-form videos. The company’s mission is to enhance the digital experience offered by businesses and forge a deeper connection with their customers.

By using videos as a means to communicate, VideoBot brings a unified engagmenet opportunity and a chance to build compelling experience for audience.  


WEO is solving a unique proposition – building environmnet analytics for all using AI, and space data to build a sustainbale future. 

The company tackles environmental issues such as growing urban forests, preparing for natural disasters and adapting to climate change.

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