Luxembourg Tech School Launches Its 2020-2021 Future Digital Leaders Program

The Luxembourg Tech School (LTS) is entering its 5th year with the launch of its Level One Program focusing on Game Dev, Big Data and FinTech this September.

LTS is an extracurricular school that facilitates and supports the development of future Digital Leaders. It is aimed at 15-19 year old students who are passionate about the digital realm and eager to learn and apply technology in a real business context.

“Students of each of our programs follow Business and Technology driven courses divided into three blocks. They get personalized coaching, have the chance to get in touch with industry experts and work on their own projects, which they showcase at the end of each block. These modules are always linked with teamwork and problem solving,”, says Dr. Sergio Coronado, Co-Founder of LTS.

The first pilot started in September 2016 with 30 students from the Lycées at the Geesseknäppchen Campus. This was an immediate success and LTS is now present in more than 7 schools and has coached more than 120 students.

A good example of the initiatives developed by LTS is the Game Dev Challenge launched in April 2020.

“We followed the students and coached them for 6 weeks in order to support them in the creation of a Game. We organized live sessions every week and new learning material every weekend. They learned to create a game using Unity, which is a professional game engine as well as coding, Art, Design, Storytelling and Remote Teamwork from scratch”, says Ralph Marschall Co-Founder of LTS.

The top 10 games will be presented during the big Finale event this Saturday at 6PM on LTS YouTube channel.

“From September on, we will additionally offer a new Digital Creators program for younger students aged 11-14 years, where they will create their own digital artworks and animations and at the same time learn the basics of coding and digital thinking”, concludes Sara Kaiser Program Director at LTS.

More information about LTS and the registrations for the “Future Digital Leaders” and “Digital Creators” programs are open here.

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