Luxembourg’s Young Cybersecurity Talents Set to Face Europe’s Best

During the Lëtz Cybersecurity Challenge finals held on July 15, participants had the opportunity to experience the national CyberRange of the Luxembourg Directorate of Defence (Photo © Luxembourg House of Cybersecurity)

Ten young men from Luxembourg have been selected to represent their country in the upcoming European Cybersecurity Challenge (ECSC) in Hamar, Norway from October 24 to 27, 2023.

The team, known as TeamLU, was chosen after competing in the Lëtz Cybersecurity Challenge finals held on July 15. The LCSC took place at the Luxembourg House of Cybersecurity, and the young participants had the wonderful opportunity to use the CyberRange of the Defense Directorate.

The finals challenged participants to solve security-related tasks in various domains such as attack/defense, web security, forensics, reverse engineering, and more.

TeamLU is comprised of young men aged between 18 and 24, along with two coaches. One of the team members, Philip Furche, is one of the first 13 graduates of BTS Cybersecurity at Lycée Guillaume Kroll which started in September 2021.

“With a keen interest in cybersecurity, I am driven by the evolving challenges and opportunities it presents, fueling my motivation to keep up with the latest trends,” said Furche.

The team’s performance has been consistently improving over the years, as this will be their third participation in the ECSC. In 2019, they finished in 11th place, and in 2021, they finished in 9th place.

The ECSC is a major competition for young cybersecurity professionals from across Europe. The event provides participants with the opportunity to network, collaborate, and compete against other top teams.

“Being selected to participate in the European Cybersecurity Challenge, which gathers the best talents in Europe, not only offers an enjoyable experience but also serves as a significant motivator for these individuals to pursue a career in cybersecurity,” said Marc Ludwig, one of the coaches of TeamLU.

“It is important to recognize that the talented individuals of today could become the employees of tomorrow.”

The team is currently looking for sponsors to help them cover the costs of travel and accommodation for the ECSC. If you are interested in sponsoring TeamLU, please visit their website.

The European Cybersecurity Challenge is a great opportunity for young cybersecurity professionals to showcase their skills and network with other top talent from across Europe. TeamLU is a strong team with a lot of potential, and I am excited to see how they perform in Hamar.

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