Meet an Entrepreneur: nyuko’s New Series

Discover “Meet an entrepreneur” the new platform to share, inspire and promote entrepreneurship in Luxembourg. This video series comes from our friends at nyuko, who support entrepreneurs wishing to create their business in Luxembourg. Interview with Lucile Barberet, Marketing & Communications Manager at nyuko.
Briefly what is the “Meet an Entrepreneur” video series?

The aim is to provide information and a sense of community to project holders and young entrepreneurs. I like to say that we have digitalized the “process” of asking a seasoned entrepreneur for a coffee and an opportunity to get his/her advice.

The project has two main aspects: the first consists of video interviews of entrepreneurs explaining their journey. I also interview local actors of the ecosystem to provide concise and to-the-point videos explaining the different initiatives available to project holders in Luxembourg.

We’ve designed them in a way that each viewer should find one or more videos he/she will resonate with.

The second one is the Facebook page associated with the website, where we will share even more content and where entrepreneurs are welcome to post their questions, their doubts and successes.

How did you come up with the idea?

“Meet an entrepreneur” is the newborn of several observations we made over years of supporting and working with entrepreneurs.

First, they lack information about entrepreneurship. Everything is available online, but it’s scattered across so many different websites and sources that project holders have a trouble making use of it at the right time.

Two, there is this feeling of solitude associated with bearing entrepreneurship on your own.

“Ultimately, the website will be a knowledge base of advice from local entrepreneurs to local entrepreneurs.”

Last but not least, many project holders ask for advice and best practices from seasoned entrepreneurs who have gone through similar experiences and have succeeded in creating a long-lasting company.

That’s how the project started. Then we shared the idea with a board of entrepreneurs and experts to fine-tune it and make sure it fits its purpose. I’m quite happy with how everyone collaborated to make this happen!

What should viewers expect from this project?

We will start with a few videos and written articles, then we will be adding new content every week. My hope is that young entrepreneurs see the platform as a trustful resource and source of community. Ultimately, the website will be a knowledge base of advice from local entrepreneurs to local entrepreneurs.

Then, depending on how well the initiative is received, we may add other aspects to the project. We’ll see!

How does Meet an Entrepreneur fit in with other services nyuko offers?

At nyuko, we welcome all types of entrepreneurs and support them with a several programs, all free of charge. Entrepreneurs have access to individual and collective coaching sessions and workshops. We also build upon the collective intelligence of the group to improve each other’s ideas. So, in a way, “Meet an Entrepreneur” is a digital extension of what nyuko does on a daily basis!

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