Moniflo Raises €3m, Readies For Germany

Georges Bock, CEO and founder of Moniflo (Photo © Kaori Anne Jolliffe / Silicon Luxembourg)

Georges Bock’s values-based investment platform will use the capital to accelerate its product development and kick off its European expansion, starting with Germany at the end of February.

Bringing values-based investing to the masses, that’s the goal. An extra €3m, primarily sourced from existing investors, will no doubt support this ambition. Already available for early alpha and beta testers, Moniflo will open to a broader user base in Luxembourg in the coming weeks. 

“This capital raise is a testament to the unwavering support and belief in our vision to make people’s money matter. It signifies not just an infusion of funds but an endorsement of Moniflo’s mission to make values-based investing a cornerstone of the financial landscape.”

Georges Bock, founder and CEO of Monfilo.

Germany first, Europe next

With the CSSF Investment Firm License in its pocket and a Sustainable Advisory Board behind it, Moniflo is eager to launch on the European market. Germany is the first stop on this journey, which countries will follow is yet to be determined.

The vision remains the same as in July 2022, when Moniflo was first announced: simplify access to values-based investing because, as Georges said back then “If you really want to have a positive impact you have to make investing more affordable, easier to understand and more accessible to people.”

Next to a pan-European expansion, Moniflo will also continue its product development, hoping to create an investment app “unlike any other”, which blends consumer friendliness and AI-driven customer support tools.

Democratising sustainable finance

Where money goes, change follows, at least that’s the idea. ESG criteria are firmly embedded in the app and will help users make investment decisions that align with their values.

“By integrating environmental, social, and governance into investment decisions, we can direct capital towards initiatives that not only generate financial returns but also contribute positively to societal and environmental well-being. Our platform for values-based investing, contributes to democratising access to sustainable finance, making it inclusive and transparent,” said Martin Vogel, Investor, and Member of Moniflo’s Board.

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