Move For Those In Need With The DKVchallenge On No Big Deal

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We’re reporting on a new partnership No Big Deal has just launched in Luxembourg. DKV Luxembourg is challenging the Lux community to complete 1500 of their challenges in the No Big Deal app, in order to sponsor 1500 meals for those less fortunate in Luxembourg.

The challenges are multiplying on No Big Deal? Can you present us the latest one with DKV Luxembourg?

DKV Luxembourg has pledged up to 1500 meals to donate to those in need in Luxembourg, one for each person that completes their wellbeing challenge in the No Big Deal app. Our goal as No Big Deal is to motivate people to move more and have a sense of a small achievement every day – nothing does that better than being part of something that will have a demonstrable impact on our neighbours in the community. There are companies that say they care, and then there are companies that show it. We are so proud to partner with DKV Luxembourg investing in making a real difference, now it is on our community to get to the 1500 target by April! You can access the app and the DKVchallenge from this link to get started.

Once you finish the challenge, you will also unlock some other challenges with potential surprises from DKV Luxembourg, so the fun doesn’t stop there. You can also repeat the initial challenge to contribute as many meals as possible to the target.

This is one of many new challenges we have added to the app across Benelux, among others for rewards from brands like ASICS, Hunkemoller, adidas, regional hospitality chains, and many more.

Do you see more and more challenges in this sense? Namely, sustainable challenges or challenges for humanitarian actions?

The sustainability/impact angle is a big one that we have increasingly focussed on in the recent weeks. Why? People love them, and our goal is to make people feel a bit better through movement and achievement each day. The interest from brands in Luxembourg has been especially high, which goes to show that we have a pretty great business community when it comes to CSR. We have lots more lined up for the next weeks or months and can’t wait to announce them, so make sure to grab the app and keep your eyes peeled.

Your solution is attracting more and more interest at the HR level for the motivation of company employees and the company network. Is this also a sustainable change that you have noticed since the launch of your application?

We built the app from the beginning to enable a healthy way for brands to engage people and make them feel better. This core value proposition is just as valuable to CSR and marketing professionals as it is for employers looking to gamify their employee wellbeing. The ability to create individual or team challenges dynamically in minutes is a unique offering that lets employers keep their wellbeing programs fresh and fun. We will be launching the first few clients in this space in spring as well – it’s great to see the whole ecosystem being built across the different use cases, all contributing to people feeling better and doing good things together.

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