Neon, The Marketing And Technology Hybrid Agency

neon marketing technology recently joined the Silicon Luxembourg Business Club. We asked Karim Youssef and Misch Strotz to detail their new venture!

Photo: Karim Youssef & Misch Strotz, Co-founders of neon marketing technology / Credits © neon

What does the company do exactly?

neon is a newly founded marketing and technology hybrid agency. Our mission is to help companies grow their business through 4 connected services: marketing, technology, consulting and training.

We help our clients develop and implement long-term online marketing strategies leveraged through staff coaching and training. These strategies include services like Facebook, Instagram, Google advertising, search engine & website optimization, lead generation, chatbots and other services related to digital marketing.

We’re strongly focussing on the technological elements of these disciplines and work data-driven, meaning we’re acting according to our results rather than personal opinions.

How did you come up with the idea?

In the past years we developed our own social networks like the mobile app “Nightler” and ran several campaigns for clients from very different sectors. “Neon” was the logical next step.

In everything we do, we‘re always looking for the most efficient and sustainable solutions. Having huge interests in emerging technologies like AI, VR and Blockchain for example, we realized that the future impact of these concepts cannot be ignored. Many companies are beginning to understand the power of established concepts like social media and big data, but there’s still a lot more for them to discover.

That’s where we want to step in and provide them with guidance and new ideas.

“Our mission is to support and guide our clients’ online presence and help them reinvent their marketing strategy”.

What are your products and services?

Combining marketing with modern technologies and education is our solution for companies that understand the importance of keeping up with a market that is changing at a very high pace.

Understanding this concept is extremely important. Marketing is radically changing and we feel an obligation to teach people about it, so they don’t spend their money on bullshit ads that already stopped working 5 years ago, but rather help them build a sustainable strategy adapted to a digital future.

On the basis of company audits and a large variety of services we build customized strategies that meet the clients’ needs and bring together the services that are most effective for them.

In some cases this proves to be a hustle, as older generations often have no idea about the way youngsters consume what’s on the internet.

What is your business model?

It costs around 1 to 50 cents to get a person to your website with a social media ad. It costs 10 to 100 times more to get them there with traditional offline ads.

Our mission is to support and guide our clients’ online presence and help them reinvent their marketing strategy. We want them to use the momentum of digitalization and thus claim a strong position in the digital market. We create integral packages that go from the client’s website and branding to his marketing & communication strategy over to customized training and coaching sessions designed for individuals, teams and companies (employers and employees).

Contrary to traditional agencies we do not aim to bind clients to us and make them dependent, but rather train their employees to the point where they can act completely autonomously and grow.

People need to understand that great modern marketing is made in-house and needs to be reactive. This means that you need to have people around you that know exactly how to act. Still today, a famous example of this was the 2013 Super Bowl. Arguably the best ad was not one of the many pricy half-time videos. It was a simple but perfectly timed tweet from Oreo during a power outage in the stadium.

Who are your clients?

Our offer is designed to serve any company from innovative start-ups to larger established players that are looking to improve their online presence. If a company is willing to develop new competences to do so in-house: perfect! Not sure yet? No problem, just get in touch and we’ll let in you in on all the possibilities.

What are next steps in your development?

We are currently developing physical online marketing classes that are to launch in 2019.

Mid-December we launched our online marketing blog that has a strong focus on marketers. We will expand this blog with video content and vlogs in the future, aiming to build a real hub for everyone interested in growing their online presence.

On top of that, since we’re technology company you can look forward to a range of self-made online marketing tools, four of which have already been released online.

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